They are often the most boring part of your golf bag, but that will all change now you can get a personalised headcover.

Headcovers tend to either conform to the brand of your driver (yawn!) or they are an animal of some sort (fun!).

But this is 2019 and you deserve to have a little more personality in your bag, so when the folks at MyHeadcover asked me if I wanted to stick my face on one, it wasn’t the toughest choice I’ve ever made. After all, I’m quite fond of my face.

I’m being serious.

So I sent them a photo and, a few weeks later, this turned up on my desk:

personalised headcover

I was sitting there looking at a Meerkat-sized version of myself and also seeing hints of 2009 Masters winner Angel Cabrera. Just me?

The brains behind the personalised headcover manufacturer, Richard Vickery, explains how he had the idea as a youngster: “I recall walking into a golf store and seeing Ian Poulter’s head cover on a shelf, it’s one that looks exactly like him and he used to use it on tour.

“At the time I thought, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be great if I could have a personalised headcover that looks like me!'”

personalised golf headcover

If you’re wondering, a personalised headcover takes one week to design, two weeks to print the fabric, and another week to make. A six-week process in all.

Richard explains: “The hardest part is the design process, to make sure it’s perfect for you. We like to really take control of the caricature’s colours and make sure the design is bright enough.”

personalised headcover

This is a real statement to make on the course and, while you may have reservations, it’s the small details of this personalised headcover that make me really like it.

There are five different types of personalised headcover you can have created:

  1. Your face as a photo
  2. An avatar/caricature
  3. A pet’s face
  4. A blank face
  5. Challenge MyHeadcover

If having your face and name on it isn’t enough, you can choose the colour scheme to anything you desire – from a fashion statement to a subtle style.

And as we’re not far away from the Masters, Richard threw in a miniature Green Jacket.

personalised headcover

An instant 10-out-of-10 in the personal touch category.

For more information, or to design your own personalised headcover, visit the MyHeadcover website. For a 10% discount, use the promotional code NCG10 at checkout.

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