There have been many occasions on the golf course where I wish I could have channeled ‘The Force’ to send the ball towards the hole rather than into that water hazard.

While being able to harness an imaginary energy field is sadly unlikely, TaylorMade have helped soften the blow by bringing out a range of Star Wars themed golf accessories.

Some of the popular sci-fi film franchise’s key characters, including Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2 and the Stormtroopers, feature in the branding.

The range of funky golf gear, which will be released across selected TaylorMade stockists from Friday, includes divot tools, golf balls, gloves, valuable bags, ball markers, towels and, of course, headcovers.

As an avid Star Wars fan, I can’t wait to get my mitts on a Stormtrooper putter headcover.

But it is unlikely that I will be the only golfer on my course with a cool and unique cover for my clubs, as evidenced from our list of famous novelty headcovers from the world of professional golf.

10. Ryo Ishikawa

novelty golf headcovers

Japan’s Ryo Ishikawa may not be the biggest name in men’s professional golf but the world No 96 scores serious cool points for his puppet headcover styled on himself.

9. David Horsey

novelty golf headcovers

You would be missing a trick if you were a professional golfer called David Horsey and you didn’t opt for the glaringly obvious headcover choice. That is the tru-hoof…

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8. Ian Poulter

novelty golf headcovers

I’m not sure if this Ian Poulter puppet headcover is quite on the money in terms of likeness. Since when has he ever had a ginger beard?

If you’ve got short spiky blonde hair and a ginger beard then you could perhaps try passing this off as yourself.

Consider purchasing your Poulter souvenir here.

7. Paula Creamer

novelty golf headcovers

Paula Creamer loves pink. In fact, the 2010 US Women’s Open champion loves pink so much that her nickname is Pink Panther.

In a nod to her nickname, the 30-year-old American uses a headcover styled on the comedy-mystery films.

6. Marc Warren

novelty golf headcovers

Scottish golfer Marc Warren decided to sport the headcover of newly-crowned Premier League title winners Leicester City’s lucky mascot, Filbert the Fox, when he competed in the Irish Open in May.

Warren, a Glasgow Rangers fan, was using the headcover because his caddy, Ken Herring, was a huge fan of the Foxes.

Unfortunately, it didn’t prove to be a lucky omen for Warren as he finished in tied 23rd place.

5. Rory Mcllroy

novelty golf headcovers

Rory loves his dogs and the world No 2 keeps a reminder of his fondness for canine’s in his golf bag in the form of a St Bernard’s headcover.

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4. Ernie Els

novelty golf headcovers

The lion headcover has become the signature symbol of four-time Major champion Ernie Els.

The big, imposing South African superstar and the ferocious lion are a match made in heaven.

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3. John Daly

novelty golf headcovers

Two-time Major winner John Daly is well known for his flamboyant taste in golf attire. His colourful taste also applies to his choice of headcovers.

He is often seen carrying around different lion headcovers with a multi-coloured mane of hair. Just like this one.

2. Bubba Watson

novelty golf headcovers

Bubba Watson is one of golf’s more colourful characters.

His trademark mullet, pink driver and ‘mini me’ puppet headcover provide a great insight into his personality.

Check out mini Bubba here.

1. Tiger Woods

novelty golf headcovers

Frank the Tiger is a celebrity in his own right.

You will have seen Tiger Woods‘ headcover gracing his bag throughout his trophy-laden career.

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