You have to question what was going through his mind before he did this

We’ve all been there. A pulled approach shot on finds the greenside thick stuff and any hopes of getting up and down to save par evaporate as prepare to hack away. Paul Waring, like all tour pros, does things a bit differently to us though.

The Englishman found himself in this sticky situation on the 11th hole at Fairmont St Andrews during the opening round of the inaugural Scottish Championship.

So what does he do? He takes driver. From the gorse. And stiffs it.

Oh, and the 11th is a par 3.

β€œIt’s the kind of shot he spends hours practising back home,” jokes commentator Andrew Coltart. β€œTime after time there he is over there by the goarse hitting thousands of balls so he can get used to situations like that where he can pull driver and knock it right beside the hole.”

Not many of us can say we’ve hit driver from the rough on a par 3.

It was an entertaining opening day in Fife, where this poor cameraman took a tumble as Iona Stephen chatted to Marc Warren.

He’s OK, folks.

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