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James Savage
Handicap 18
Current shoe: FootJoy HyperFlex

LC3: I wasn’t overly keen on the looks at first but once on, they looked great especially with black trousers. The control and stability was superb and they felt like a perfect all weather golf shoe to me.

TW15: Love the looks – a lot less chunky than previous TW editions. Very nice and light, felt like I was wearing my favourite pair of slippers. An ideal summer golf shoe

Selection: I just felt the LC3 gave me that bit more control and I’d be happy wearing them in any conditions all-year round.

Christian Maiden
Handicap 10
Current shoe: Adidas Adipower Boost

LC3: These really grew on me after a few holes. I loved the aesthetics of the lime green and white. I think these would be a solid all-year-round golf shoe. They weren’t quite as comfortable as some shoes I’ve tried but the performance was excellent

TW15: I’m not a huge fan as they are just a little bit too trainer-like for me. I could barely feel them on my feet which some may see as a positive but I’d like a bit more stability.

Selection: The LC3 was a winner on performance and looks for me

Nick Aylett
Handicap: 20
Current shoe: Nike Heritage

LC3: These feel a bit more like a golf shoe to me but they weren’t quite as comfortable at the TW15s. There’s some great colours in the LC3 and I really like the pink colour option as I’m in touch with my feminine side.

TW15: Very light-weight and comfortable. Plenty of width which was ideal for me. The grip works very well too. I’d be interested to see how they perform in the wet. Prefer them in the red to the grey or black.

Selection: I’m a fan of a nice light-weight trainer style golf shoe so it has to be the TW15 for me

Phil Walton
Handicap: 24
Current shoe: Adidas Adicross Gripmore

LC3: They were very comfortable and also felt very stable – even in muddy conditions I didn’t slip around at all. The size seemed a tad generous to me. They look better on than in the box.

TW15: I didn’t have any grip issues with these but I just didn’t find them quite as comfortable as the LC3s. Maybe theses weren’t quite as well suited to the shape of my feet. 

Selection: I preferred the look of the TW15 but the LC3s performed better and were more comfortable.

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