The original Nike Air Jordans are, quite simply, the best trainers of all time. Probably best footwear full stop. Don’t even bother trying to argue with me on this, you won’t win.

Now, more than 30 years later, Nike have turned them into a golf shoe.

Be still my beating heart…

“The Air Jordan was the first sneaker that really pushed the limits on what was acceptable,” recalls the great man himself. “It’s like being a young kid, when his parents say he can’t do something but he wants to do it. I felt like I wanted to be different.”

The golf shoe version of History’s Greatest Trainers will have a few changes from the originals, notably extra padding to provide additional comfort and support around the ankle, the famous Jumpman logo on the tongue, Nike Free-inspired outsole with soft spikes and a fully waterproof upper.

The Air Jordan golf shoe will be available in two colour schemes, white/black/red and white/silver, and will be available from the Nike website with a recommended retail price of £160.

DISCLAIMER: Nike Air Jordan golf shoes will not make you swing a golf club like Michael Jordan…

GOAT sighting ?

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