Our best golf clubs 2018 list has been compiled after 12 months of solid testing.

We are very lucky to be sent all the latest kit and always give everything a good run out on both a launch monitor and out on the course.

I’ve been reviewing golf clubs for the past five years and quite a lot has changed during that time. The biggest thing being that there are no sub-standard golf clubs on the market. The standard is remarkably high.

Four or five years ago I’m not sure that was the case as there would be some products that came along that simply didn’t work very well or looked and felt horrendous.

So it definitely makes putting lists like this together much harder, but I’ve put my tin hat on and had a go. This is very much a list of the clubs I have enjoyed using the most rather than trying to say these clubs are ‘better’ than others…

Best golf clubs 2018: The methodology

To keep things under control I have picked out three models in each category.

We work closely with around 10 brands and they all make very good products so whittling it down to three is very tough. Some very good kit hasn’t made the list.

I’ve tried to do this on the basis of having access to every bit of golf equipment on the market then deciding what I’m going to take out onto the course.

Obviously I’m not going to take three drivers out to play but, in each category, I’ve picked my favourite then a first and second reserve. Make sense?

So where do you want to start? There are seven categories, so if you want to go through them in order then just head to the next page, otherwise you can jump to a particular page from the list below:


Fairway woods


Utility irons




James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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