Our gear expert takes a look at how Motocaddy have updated their popular model for 2020

I took the new Motocaddy M1 trolley for a spin before we went on lockdown…

Motocaddy M1 trolley reviewFirst Impressions

Sometimes it’s the simple things that catch your eye. I love the new graphite colour on the wheel trims of the M1. I know this might seem like a small change but I feel it really upgrades the styling of the whole trolley.

Motocaddy M1 trolley review

Motocaddy M1 trolley reviewThe Technology

This is Motocaddy’s simplest to use trolley designed with space-inverted wheels to be compact so it will fit easily in your boot.

Motocaddy M1 trolley review

The Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system allows any Motocaddy bag to connect directly onto the trolley and snap into position to prevent the bag coming loose and moving around. Very simple, very smart.

On-board charging means there is no need to remove the battery. The M1 also has a full LCD screen, nine speed settings, a speed indicator and a battery meter.

Motocaddy M1 trolley reviewNCG verdict

I have to say I think this is the easiest trolley out there to set up. The Quikfold mechanism really does what the name suggests. It provides a really quick, but also easy to use, folding system for putting up and taking your trolley down. It literally just goes up and down in one simple motion – very impressive.

An added bonus is you can charge your battery while it is still in the trolley meaning you no longer need to be constantly removing and replacing it.

Motocaddy M1 trolley review

The screen is bright and easy to use and the nine different speed settings provide easy control of your trolley throughout the round.

I’ve tested this out with both Motocaddy cart and stand bags and both fit really securely in place throughout your round. I think it’s great they have both options with the easilock bag-to-trolley connection system as I often find myself wanting to use a carry bag as it fits easier in the cary but often find myself constantly readjusting my bag if I use a standard carry bag.

Motocaddy M1 trolley review: The details

Available: Now

RRP: £599.99 or £649.99 (ultra lithium)

Available: Motocaddy website

Motocaddy app

Motocaddy have updated its free GPS app to incorporate potential lifesaving features that indicate the location of on-course defibrillators and provide golfers with CPR instructions to administer to anyone suffering a cardiac arrest when playing golf.

Motocaddy M1 trolley review

The app features a simple six-step guide showing you how to perform CPR. This is easily accessible within the main menu and via a red heart logo on the app’s Play Golf screen.

Should a defibrillator be available at the course, the app will display an AED logo, which features emergency phone numbers to call for help. Instructions on how to access the defibrillator will be shown, as well as using GPS to show the golfers location. 

The app can also be paired with any Motocaddy connect trolley model to offer optional smartphone notifications direct to the trolley handle.