Are the new Mizuno T20 wedges as good as they look? Equipment editor Hannah Holden puts them through their paces to find out

Mizuno T20 wedges review: First impressions

These wedges look gorgeous. Mizuno have done a really great job with the reshaping and styling of the T-series wedges.

Mizuno T20 wedges

Mizuno T20 wedges review: The technology

The new T20 is a classic teardrop-shaped wedge, forged from 1025E mild carbon steel, which offers the benefits of grain flow forged hd precision. Mizuno’s forging expertise is respected for its consistency of manufacture, distance control and incredible feedback.

Boron-infusion in the 1025E mild carbon steel billets makes them more durable meaning your grooves will last longer and keep delivering reliable spin.

The T20 wedges feature new hydroflow micro grooves, these are vertically etched to help release moisture and maintain spin even in damp conditions. Each T20 wedge is spin-weighted, with weight placed high in the blade for increased spin and stability on off-centre strikes.

Mizuno T20 wedges

Each head features precise cnc-milled grooves and is mechanically milled to the highest possible tolerances after grain flow forging to ensure a perfectly flat striking face and consistent levels of spin.

The more lofter T20 wedges feature a wider, shallower groove to better facilitate those half shots around the green. In the lower lofts the grooves are narrower and deeper to suit full shots.

The club-heads have a classic teardrop shaping which varies across the lofts. The lowest-loft a 46˚ pitching wedge, has the most defined teardrop profile, the wedges become more rounded as you move down the set towards your lob wedge. 

Mizuno T20 wedges

T20 wedges will be available in three different finishes, satin chrome, blue ion and a raw ready-to-rust option.

Grind options are loft-specific and include a standard bevel, M grind and a C grind. 

Mizuno T20 wedges: NCG verdict

The new styling and shaping of these wedges look great and also mean the clubs sit really nicely behind the ball. I tested wedges in both the satin chrome and raw finish and both looked great. I do however think the blue ion finish may be a bit too out there for me.

I tested the wedges from a variety of lies and situations with different lofts and I was very impressed with how they performed across the board.

Mizuno T20 wedges

These wedges were generating a lot of spin on the greens from the get go, most noticeably on the full pitch shots, but most importantly from a variety of scenarios. The most impressive thing about the spin was just how consistent it was from shot to shot. This is really important as it means it will be easy to adjust to and account for when out on the golf course.

The spin levels made me more confident firing at pins especially when I was short-sided as I knew how the ball was going to react after just a few shots. I also liked the soft feel off the face, I felt I could judge distance and ball speed really well improving the consistency of my short game shots.

The details

Available: Pre-sale September 5, 2019

RRP: £140 per wedge

More information: Mizuno website

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