Mizuno’s Japanese and American R&D teams combined for the first time in the brand's metalwood history to create the new Mizuno ST200 line up

We’ve seen these out on tour for a while now but we’ve finally got our hands on the new Mizuno ST200 lineup for 2020. The range features three drivers and three fairway woods, plenty for us to sink our teeth into, so let’s get going…

Mizuno ST200

Mizuno ST200 drivers and fairway woods: First impressions

This range has a really classic styling which is something I look for in my golf clubs. At first glance, the drivers sit slightly open which suits my eye over the ball.

Mizuno ST200

These are Mizunos so you would expect great feel which these clubs do deliver. Shot after shot they felt really solid through impact and also gave me great feedback on quality and location of strike – something which is often lost with a modern driver.

I also noticed a remarkable amount of consistency from shot to shot in terms of launch and direction.

Mizuno ST200 drivers and fairway woods: The technology

Let’s start with the ST200. Let me guess – more forgiving and longer? Well, yes, but it’s also lower spinning. Mizuno almost caught us out there.

Wave sole technology is more compact, and the carbon crown varies in thickness, so weight can be saved and moved – you guessed it – lower in the head for maximum forgiveness so you can hit more fairway finders.

The refined head looks great behind the ball and pairs with a flattened crown and lie angle to give a more tour appealing look.

Mizuno ST200

In the ST200G driver you can clearly see the ultra-adjustability thanks to twin sliding weight tracks so you can dial your spin in from mid/low to ultra low.

Mizuno ST200

High launch and draw bias? Just what all you slicers out there want to hear. The ST200X driver helps you guys with mid-to-slow swing speeds through its lightweight design.

I could feel the club was set slightly more upright and had more weight in the heel to give you that draw bias shape with high launch.

Mizuno ST200

The ST200 fairway wood is designed for more ball speed, but this is also a low spin model. I could actually feel my off centre strikes were more stable thanks to the variable thickness carbon crown.

Mizuno ST200

I’m afraid that’s all for now. Keep your eye on our YouTube channel for a full review coming soon…


Available: February 2020

RRP: £349 (ST200/X driver); £399 (ST200G driver); £279 (ST200 fairway woods)

More information: Mizuno website

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