Mizuno's biggest change to their new irons is something you can't even see. Hannah Holden explains all

Mizuno MP-20 irons review: First impressions

There is only one way to describe the new Mizuno MP-20: stunning.

Mizuno MP-20 irons review

Every model in this range has been sculpted to perfection, I couldn’t wait to give these a hit.

Mizuno MP-20 irons review: The technology

The new family of irons comprises of the MP-20 MB, MP-20 MMC and MP-20 HMB models, all are designed to either stand alone or be part of a custom combo set. 

MP-20 MB

This pure muscleback’s tour profile has been honed by studying elements of Mizuno’s most played tour iron models. The biggest change is the re-introduction of copper underlay between the Grain Flow Forged heads and chrome plating.

Mizuno MP-20 irons review

A discreetly tapered topline and cambered sole allow a fuller spread of weight to enhance vertical stability and forgiveness on strikes from high or low in the face, while retaining a traditional muscleback appearance. 

The topline has been refined and is Mizuno’s thinnest among recent generations of MP irons. A blend of satin and mirror chrome finishing has been engineered to eliminate areas of high glare in the playing position.

Availability: RH 3-PW, LH 5-PW (split set with 3-4 HMB)


The MP-20 HMB offers a full set of performance hybrid irons in a tour profile. It offers the proportions, topline and offset transition of a classic Mizuno players’ muscleback with a generous sole width that’s hidden at address. It is designed to help consistent players pursuing added ball speed without sacrificing their shot-making options.

They are built on the ball speed of Mizuno’s Chromoly material in the face and neck, supported by a precision stainless steel body and tungsten weighting. 

Mizuno MP-20 irons review

The heads feature a brush satin durable plated finish and a complex, loft-specific construction. From 2 to 8-iron, Mizuno’s multi-thickness Grain Flow Forged Chromoly face and neck is dialled in to be consistently hot across the club-face. 

From 2 down to 7-iron, twin 12g tungsten weights deliver stability and provide easy launch. The use of a softer 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel from 9-iron to PW makes the short irons soft and responsive.

Availability:  RH 2-PW, LH 3-4 iron (split set with 5-PW MP-20 MB)


This is the second generation of Mizuno’s multi-material concept and is engineered to be more playable than the MP-20 MB. This is due to its titanium muscle plate and tungsten sole weight.

It is designed to provide stability in a tour-preferred profile. A titanium muscle spreads weight for forgiveness on off-centre strikes while maintaining centre-portion thickness for the feel and feedback associated with a muscleback iron.

Mizuno MP-20 irons review

The multi-material construction comprises a Grain Flow Forged 1025E mild carbon steel chassis and Ti muscle pad throughout the set. A 12g tungsten toe weight from the 4 to 7-irons provides easy launch in a compact playing profile.

A second Ti muscle pad improves set flow by allowing for a narrower sole from 8-iron to pitching wedge. The topline is dramatically thinner than on the MP-18 MMC while remaining only 1mm thicker at address than on the MP-20 MB.

The chrome finish is a mix of satin and mirror.

Availability:  RH 4-PW

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