Matthew Fitzpatrick is one of England’s rising golfers and had a strong the 2016 season. The Sheffield born golfer won the World Tour Championship in Dubai.

Matthew Fitzpatrick Back Swing

Matt has a purposeful set-up; the very strong left hand grip is natural to him and something we have attempted not to change.

He has a straight forward take-away. The shoulders are in control, just the way they should be.

The left arm remains comfortably straight with great width over the stability of the lower body. As Matt nears the top of his backswing his wrists are now starting to hinge to create angle in the shaft.

Matt is incredibly supple. Both in his shoulder mobility and in the way he is able to achieve a full 90 degree turn of his upper body over relatively quiet hips.

Down Swing

A superb change in direction is all down to the quality of the leg action. His left knee re-rotates as his weight flows to the left side, the hips settle and his arms and clubs are ready to fall into the slot.

Matt’s fantastic lag in the wrists and shaft prepares to plant the club on the ball. There is great leverage of the body as he ‘posts’ against the left side.

In this sequence Matt has held one off just a little bit but a great move with the body as he unwinds. His weight is now on his left hand side and his right foot up on his toe.

Matt is fully committed in the release. There is a good re-hinge of the wrists as the right arm crosses the left. His chest and belt buckle face left of the target and his shoulders are in control all the way to the finish.