Watch the 1st tee announcer at PGA National leave Luke Donald and the crowd in fits of laughter as he bumbled his way through the Englishman's introduction

Luke Donald was enjoying one of his better weeks on the course in recent years at the Honda Classic, a tournament he won in 2006. (Remember that he won in 2006, it will come up again…)

The former World No. 1 had just teed it up in the third round – then it all started to go downhill from there.

The 1st tee announcer at PGA National began by making a mess of the pronunciation of Donald’s home town, High Wycombe. If you don’t know, it’s pronounced “wick-uhm”. The announcer went for more of a “why-come”. We are, however, prepared to let him off this one, he’s probably never been to the UK, let alone that corner of Buckinghamshire.

We cannot, though, let him off what followed. First he described the Englishman as the “2016 Honda Classic champion” – see? – before closing it all out by calling the 42-year-old “Luke McDonald”.

Donald, of course, saw the funny side of it. Watch the clip and see his response here…

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