Justin Rose has made a number of changes to his golf equipment this season but what is his putter?

Justin Rose is now a free agent after leaving Honma. The whole reason for the initial switch from TaylorMade was to allow him the flexibility to choose any putter.

What is Justin Rose’s putter?

Rose is currently using anΒ Axis1 Rose putter and switched from the TaylorMade TP Collection Ardmore 2 that he used in 2018.

Luis Pedraza, an internationally acclaimed industrial designer, founded Axis1 in 2006 and they are based in Boston and claim their putters are perfectly balanced for a more consistent delivery.

This optimum balance is created by allowing the centre of gravity of the club to be on the centre of the striking face, which is also aligned with the axis of the shaft.

The weight balance in these putters means they don’t open up in the stroke, resulting in more on-line putts and lower scores.

The change of putter has seen improvements to Rose’s putting stats this year. Across the six categories measured on the PGA Tour he is ranked first in three.

After making the putter switch he lead the tour in one-putt percentage, at 45.6% for 2019, he single putted nearly half of the time he set up to a putt that season. He was previously ranked 42ndΒ in this category in 2018.

Justin Rose Putter

He also went from 73rdΒ to fifthΒ in three-putt avoidance, making a three putt less than 2% of the time.

Justin Rose Putter

The putter is now available to the public for Β£359 called the Axis 1 Rose. The company are so convinced you will love their putters they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all their putters.