Gary Nicol and Karl Morris are co-authors of the best-selling book The Lost Art Of Putting, so who better to give us some insight into how to improve our game on the greens?

The second in a series of eight instruction videos from Archerfield is all about how to focus your attention by asking quality questions…

What does this ball need to do to go in the hole?

In the battle for attention, the greatest weapon you can use is questions. Questions focus your attention. On the putting green what we’ve found is that maybe the most important question you can ask is a very simple one:

When you ask correct questions, or quality questions as we call them, the answer to the question will create a very rich image in your mind.

So as you have created that image of the ball dropping into the hole on the correct line, with the right pace, your body can then create the movement you need to make that image happen.

The whole point of this is understanding that better questions create better images. You can look at this for putting but for your whole game also.

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