Do you often blame your equipment for poor drives? Having issues with too much height? Too much spin? Unable to get that crucial clean strike?

The first drive of the round can really set the tone for what is to come.

How to chip from long rough

A good drive down the middle of the fairway puts you in a good position for a competitive round.

However, a slice into the trees can lead to all sorts of problems which could easily destroy your round before you have even started.

Scott Oxley, head teaching pro at Moor Allerton Golf Club has some tips to get the most out of your driver. Improving both your confidence and ability.

How to improve your ball striking

Oxley recommends gaining the feeling of swinging to one o’clock to keep the club on the correct path and avoiding the dreaded high-spinning drive.

This basically means swinging to the side where you are wanting the ball to go.

Furthermore releasing the club is vital for a clean strike, essentially making sure the club face is square on impact.

Leaving the club head open can cause problems such as the ‘block’ shot, where the ball starts right and keeps going in that direction.

The importance of a neutral grip

Although you might keep the distance on the drive, your second shot could be very tricky.

This shot is different to a slice shot which starts left and moves right in the air, which can be a killer on the course.

Imagining your the shot as a tennis backhand ensures you swing through the shot, releasing the club.

More driving tips with Ricky Gray

This feeling can be vital for getting the most out of your driver.

These video tips will guarantee improvement on ball striking, helping take your game to another level.