It's one of the toughest shots in golf. Learn how you can escape the next time your ball is buried in the sand

It can be a tough task getting out the bunker at the best of times but it’s made all the more difficult when faced with the dreaded plugged lie. If you, like many, struggle in this situation, we think we can help. Elite coach Craig Fricker shares his advice on how to play the plugged bunker shot…

How to play the plugged bunker shot: The main points


One of the keys when faced with this shot is altering your technique to change the low point depth. And there are two techniques I teach that help golfers do that more effectively.

The first one involves keeping the club very square – the opposite of what you might think. When taking your set-up, make sure the ball is in the middle of your stance or even slightly back of centre and keep your hands forward towards the lead leg. This ensures the leading edge is sharper than normal which will help you dig the club under the ball.

Another thing I encourage involves the left wrist. For a conventional bunker shot, it will be slightly cupped but when the ball is plugged, I like to see it a little flatter. This helps keeps the face square and further sharpens that leading edge.

From here, stick to your stock speed and really feel like you work the club under the ball.

Finally, it’s important to manage expectations. This technique is going to produce more roll so be realistic with what you can achieve.

Want to hear about the second technique? You’ll have to watch the video…

This instruction video was filmed at Lumine Golf Club, host venue of the 2019 European Tour Qualifying School. For more information, visit their website.

Give these a go and let me know how you get on in the comments or via Twitter.