It's a part of the game that can make even the best golfers look silly. Try this technique next time you're heading out to practice and improve your chipping

Short game extraordinaire Phil Mickelson dropped a long overdue chipping tip last week that could benefit golfers of all abilities. Taking a break from “hitting bombs”, Lefty revealed the secret to his “toe down” chip that he’s been working on this off-season.

In the video, the 49-year-old American says the technique is best suited for those nasty tight lies but for me, its real value lies in its potential to help those who struggle on a much larger scale.

Unlike the long game, where good strikes can and often do lead to disaster, contact is king around the greens.

Short game tips: How to chip like Phil

While the club’s bounce is designed to assist in most cases, sometimes it’s beneficial even to take this variable out of play. Elevate the shaft so it’s more upright and stand closer to the ball than normal. From here, stick the toe down so it becomes the only point of contact with the ground and from a simple chipping motion, the blade should glide under the ball much more consistently.

It may take some practice but over time, this technique will help you achieve better contact.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s Phil to explain in full:

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