What happens when a set of yellow and blue Golf Pride MCC Teams grips land in the NCG office? Our resident Torquay and Leeds supporters fall out about it, of course

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It’s definitely Torquay, argues Devonian Alex Perry

Now, I’ve watched a lot of Leeds United – particularly since living up here
and not being able to move five yards without getting my ears chewed off by one of the Marcelo Bielsa Fan Club – and I’m pretty sure they play in

Leeds of course famously changed to an all-white kit in the 1960s in a bid
to emulate the great Real Madrid team – how did that work out, by the
way? – and their nickname is even The Whites!

This discussion has piqued my interest because my dream job that
doesn’t involve arguing about golf club grips would be to design football
shirts, and it’s remarkable how similar Torquay and Leeds have been
down the years.

But – and this is the clincher – Torquay changed to their distinctive yellow
and blue from white and black in the ’50s to represent the English
Riviera’s golden sands and blue sea and have stuck with it since. 
Leeds have relegated their yellow and blue offerings to third kits in recent
years. Not good enough. Hand the grips over.

Get real, says Dan Murphy, there’s only one team we can all see in these
grips and they play at Elland Road

White, yellow and blue mean one thing and one thing only in the world of
English football and that is Leeds United. I wish Torquay United every
success but don’t tell me that those clever Golf Pride engineers over in
Pinehurst, North Carolina, didn’t know exactly what they were doing
when creating this particular incarnation of their MCC Teams grips. And
they weren’t thinking of Plainmoor.

I’ve been a MultiCompound man for more years than I’d care to admit to.
I love the balance of cord underneath the left hand to deal with the issue
of slippery grips in wet conditions and a less harsh rubber under my right
hand for enhanced feel.

We came through a difficult start with the red and black originals that
reminded me of a certain team from over the Pennines – I was so pleased
when the blue versions followed, and then white, and eventually yellow.

I admit, I did at one stage toy with a mixed set to represent LUFC. Now, at
last, our colours are combined in one, brilliant grip that I know will cope
with rain and shine alike on the course and ensure I have one thing fewer
to stress about in my sporting travails.

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Teams collection? Check out the colour options on the Golf Pride website.

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