Equipment editor Hannah Holden doesn't like football. Which is just as well, because Golf Pride's MCC Teams grips are much more than that

There was so much football talk when the MCC Teams grips landed at NCG HQ it was hard to imagine we were talking about a new golf product.

While they all pretended to listen to each other’s arguments about which team wears the best colours, I was busy getting to know the grips.

Now I enjoy customising my gear as much as the next person, but when it comes to new equipment I’m all about the tech.

The Golf Pride MMC Teams collection gets its name from the hybrid structure. The grips are a multi-compound design combining rubber and cord.

This means the top and bottom of each grip is made from a different material – highlighted by the colour contrast – because both hands perform different roles during your swing.

The upper hand puts significantly more pressure into the grip, so the cord helps with traction and control, particularly in adverse weather.The rubber then acts as the performance material, strategically placed under the lower hand to give you the best possible feel and responsiveness.

Right, now we’re happy with that I can delve into the wide array of colour options to see which ones catch my eye.

I have a lot of red accessories in my golf setup, from towels to headcovers and even the strap on my GPS watch. This stems from my school days.

Rather like Hogwarts we were all placed in houses from day one. I was in Queens which was the red house, so I spent seven years head to toe in red.

But I feel like I’m after something new now and the first real contender is the black and gold. These are the colours I wore while representing the golf team at Sheffield University, striding the fairways in the heat of battle with the arch rivals across town at Hallam. (So don’t bring those maroon grips anywhere near me.)

However there is ultimately only one team who I would justify changing the colour of my grips for. The team I have spent hours travelling up and down the country for. The team I have lost sleep, blood, and sweat for.

And that is my beloved county team.

The kit for Team Yorkshire – or Green Team Dream Team as our WhatsApp group is called – consists of bottle green jumpers and beige trousers, so I’ll be getting the green and gold MMC Teams grips on my clubs as soon as possible.

Maybe I will have to kit out the entire team. Who knows, it could be the secret ingredient to winning our next national championship.

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips

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