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Achieve the optimum golf grip with this innovative new training aid

We all know that maintaining a solid and consistent grip is one of the first steps to achieving a solid golf swing.

Yet getting your hands in exactly the right position to swing the golf club is not easy to either achieve or maintain. Fortunately, there is an innovative new training aid that will help ease the process of getting the perfect grip.

The golf-grip aid ( is simple, easy but most of all effective. The training aid (pictured above) slides onto your club and contains guides for where to put your hands. It is compatible with any club, meaning that you can use it to equal effect on your driver and your wedges.

What we say

As someone who is trying to improve my game from beginner level, this training aid is perfect. Without having somebody stood by your side on the range telling you where to put your hands, it can be difficult to gain confidence that you are putting your hands in the correct position with every shot. Fortunately I now have the ability to pick any club out of my bag and be completely sure that my hands are in the right place. I have quite small hands but still found that it worked well. A fantastic product. JT

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