How does the Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt perform? Ben Outhwaite pulled one over his shoulders and took to the course

Glenmuir’s Pitlochry golf polo shirt bears a bold yet elegant all-over pattern print that will make you stand out from the crowd on the course. It is said to ‘let you bring a little fun and personality’ to your game. Sounds interesting. Anyway, enough with the formalities – let’s dig in, shall we?

Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt review: NCG Summary

4 star review

The Pitlochry polo brings with it fun, personality and the building blocks of an ideal summer garment.

But if you’re forced to wear it during colder months, layer up and stay warm, as there’s little protection from the harsh English elements on offer.


  • Looks just as good in the clubhouse as it does on the course
  • Comfortable and true to size fitting inspires a confident swing.
  • Laundry-friendly with an anti-curl rib collar


  • Won’t protect you from the cold whatsoever

Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt

Now: £55

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Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt review: First Impressions

You might already be thinking: “Ben, it’s a polo shirt. Stop trying to sell something so simple!?”. Well, it’s not just a polo. Head over to the Glenmuir website and you’ll find this garment is packed with performance-enhancing technology.

And at the early stages of the golfing season, I want every ounce of help I can get with my game, as I’m usually still blowing off those cobwebs that accumulated over the winter.

It has a soft and smooth feel – not quite like any polo shirt I’ve felt before. It’s made from Glenmuir’s functional performance fabric with its technical yarn blend, which is made to keep the wearer both cool and comfortable as they play. And that’s not to mention the +40 UV protection. Great for summer, but it seems a little wasted at this time of the year.

As for branding, there’s nothing overly intrepid on show here – just a contrast Glenmuir 1891 logo on the right sleeve.

But let’s cut to the chase, and remove as much of the tech-jargon as we can. What does it feel like to wear?

Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt review: NCG Review

For the astute golfers out there, this polo shirt is in fact named after the town of Pitlochry in Scotland, well known for being home to the ‘Switzerland of Scotland’, Pitlochry Golf Club.

Although I can’t say I’ve worn the Pitlochry golf polo in Pitlochry (it would be fitting, wouldn’t it?), I can say it’s a darn good polo shirt.

The pattern is eye-catching without being overly bold and is also available in two different colours: marine green and tahiti. A rather exotic way of saying green and blue, really.

I’ve only worn this in typical cold English weather so far. We’ve not been blessed with heat yet, but it goes without saying that at this time of the year, you’ll want to layer up if you’re wearing this polo.

For the purposes of the review, however, I did wear the polo shirt solo for a couple of holes. What’s it like swinging a club? Pretty simple, really. Just do your thing, as there’s no restriction on your movement whatsoever. It doesn’t catch on your shoulders, the sleeves don’t get lodged your armpits (that’s a pet hate of mine) and it doesn’t rub on your neck or collar.

I can recommend a base layer underneath and a mid layer on top of it during overcast conditions. You’ll still feel the benefit of its superb breathability and full four-way stretch, but warm at the same time.

Although Glenmuir doesn’t label the polo as quick drying, I can tell you it is. I got caught up in a shower whilst rigorously testing the heat-retaining properties of the Pitlochry, and within half an hour the top had gone from feeling damp to bone dry.

Oh, and how many times have you put your golf clothes through the wash, only to find them all wrinkled? Too many I bet. With the Pitlochry, that won’t be happening. It’s got an anti-curl rib collar and seems virtually creaseproof given the number of times I’ve had it through the laundry already.

Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt review: The 19th hole

Does it bring a little fun and personality to your game? Well, barring wearing it as a single layer during a cold shower, yes it did. Golf’s all about having fun, right?

It looks just as good in the clubhouse as it does on the course, so why not try it away from the golf club, too? Polo shirts are renowned for their versatility, so I can certainly say this garment is one for many occasions.

The garment is certainly made for warmer weather, so you’ll find yourself shedding outerlayers in the latter stages of the season. It’s well-fitted, easy to swing in and just looks how a golf polo should: darn good.

Fit: True to Size/Small/Larger

Comfort: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

Sizes: S through XL.

Colour options: Marine green, white and tahiti.

Glenmuir Pitlochry golf polo shirt review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £55

More info: Glenmuir website

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