5 First impressions: When Stromberg, based in Huddersfield, launched their new Wintra trouser we were keen to get a few pairs sent to NCG towers for testing.

Straightaway you could tell they were a high quality product with a really smart look and design. They had a nice tailored feel once you put them on.


They feel halfway between a pair of normal trousers and a pair of waterproof trousers but are not overly heavy or noisy so seem fine to wear on and off the golf course or even out for a walk on a cold drizzly day.

The Tech: The trousers feature fabric with three layers – all doing a specific job to keep you dry and warm.

The outer layer offers a stylish appearance with a water resistant finish.

The middle layer acts as a breathable waterproof membrane preventing water getting through the fabric.

The inside layer acts as a thermal layer to keep you warm.


Stromberg say the Wintra trouser has been designed specifically to be an alternative to waterproof over trousers – allowing you to go from the course to clubhouse.

“As a keen golfer myself I wanted the trouser to be the ultimate winter trouser, it needed to keep golfers dry, warm, be breathable but also act as a windproof. The feedback that we have had to date has been fantastic,” said director Richard Taylor.

NCG Verdict: 

Personally, I have now tested the Wintra trousers over three rounds in very similar conditions – cold and a bit drizzly.

I have to say each time the trousers have performed fantastically well in the conditions which the trousers were specifically made for.


I am not a fan of putting another pair of trousers over the top of my existing ones when the rain starts coming down.

So when caught in a shower wearing a pair of Wintras you feel confident that they will keep you perfectly dry.

But even if it doesn’t rain you don’t feel hampered at all by them at all. They are not cumbersome or noisy and in truth, it just feels like you have a normal pair of trousers on.

They certainly keep you warm too so work as a great double-act

The one thing I would say is that I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in warmer conditions though as I feel you may get a little bit too toasty!

They also have nice deep pockets at the front and back and each time you put your hand in you can feel the quality of the material.

Overall, I think Stromberg really are on to a winner here as I’m sure many golfers like me don’t want the hassle of taking waterproof trousers on and of during the course of a round.

If you’re an avid golfer who likes to play right throughout the winter, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with a pair of Wintras.


Colours: Black, Navy, Steel Grey and Glacier Blue.
SRP: £54.95

For more visit stromberggolf.com

To order the product call 01484 717979 or email sales@strombergmenswear.com