First up in the FootJoy 2021 range is the Stratos. Hannah Holden and Dan Murphy give their first impressions

New FootJoy shoes? Music to a lot of ears. The new FootJoy Stratos range particularly excites me as it is available in both men’s and women’s offerings. For this review I’ve roped in my colleague Dan Murphy to get the lowdown on how he got on testing these out.

FootJoy Stratos: First Impressions

“Versatility in a golf shoe is a massive plus to me,” Dan explains. “If I can change my shoes on arrival at the club and then wear them to practise, play, and go in the clubhouse afterwards, that’s a plus. Maybe, if I’m in a rush, I can even drive home in them afterwards as well. The Stratos strikes me as that kind of shoe.

FootJoy Stratos

“What do they look like? Comfortable. The kind of shoe you don’t have to break in. That you can just take out of the box and slip on and forget you are wearing.

“My samples came in navy, and very smart they are too. In terms of style, I would say they are somewhere between shoes and trainers.”

FootJoy Stratos: The technology

Now before we get Dan’s verdict let me update you on all things tech-related.

The big story behind the Stratos range is comfort thanks to a new cushioning compound called StratoFoam. This is a foam blend which helps absorb shock for optimal comfort as well as providing an energy return when walking and swinging.

FootJoy Stratos

But that’s not where the new technology stops as we also have a new outsole design. The VersaTrax+ design provides optimised traction for any lie or condition you could face out on the course.

This is achieved by changing the tread pattern to provide anti-channeling traction as reduce debris can be caught in the print and the numerous angles help maintain grip and prevent slipping.

FootJoy Stratos

It also features numerous TPU compounds to ensure you have the best grip both on and off the course making this a truly versatile footwear option.

The upper is made from Pittards English leather which is beautiful and soft for a luxurious supple feel. It also features an integrated tongue to keep that comfort story going.

FootJoy Stratos: NCG verdict

“Agonisingly, this shoe arrived on the day before lockdown began so I had to wait a month to get them out on the course,” Dan writes.

“I did wear them inside and outside – while keeping them well clear of muddy November fields and paths. It would have been a terrible shame to ruin them before they had even seen a golf course.”

FootJoy Stratos

“As soon as the courses re-opened, I got straight out there.

“It’s obvious this is a well-made shoe – even the laces are an obvious upgrade and feel like they are durable.

“The surprise for me is the level of support you get. The comfort, while a delight, was something I expected – but this really feels like a ‘proper’ golf shoe.

“There is no feeling that you might slide on a hard surface like wet paving stones, which can be a case with other spikeless shoes. And even on very wet fairways, I experienced no loss of stability during the swing.

“Following a quick wipe down after my round and having been left to dry out for a couple of hours, the shoes looked as good as new and ready for their next outing.

“I think this shoe will be a real hit with FootJoy’s core market of avid golfers and it’s the kind of shoe I reach for if I have 36 holes to play in a day.”

FootJoy Stratos: The details

Available: December 4
SRP: £159.99
Colour options: Navy, White, Grey, Cognac (Men’s); White, Blue, Silver (Women’s)
More information: FootJoy website

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