TaylorMade have added four new models to their Spider line-up. Hannah Holden takes a closer look

TaylorMade Spider putters have been phenomenally successful since they were launched in 2008.

And now TaylorMade are adding four new models for 2021. Let’s take a closer look.

TaylorMade Spider putters: The line-up

First up the Spider EX is designed to be easy to aim and provide extra stability.

TaylorMade Spider putters

It has a lightweight aluminium frame which allows more weighting on the perimeter for higher MOI. This gives you a more consistent roll and extra forgiveness.

It is slightly larger than the current Spider X but has a more streamlined shape and softer lines.

The Spider X has been TaylorMade’s most popular model to date and the new Spider X Hydro Blast looks to build on that momentum.

TaylorMade Spider putters

The big change here is the new colourway and finish. The rich silver is created via a high-pressure water process to create a smooth premium finish. This will also give it greater scratch resistance.

The Spider S is back and has been refreshed with the true path alignment system. This is located directly on the topline to provide a clear focal point. It is the exact width of a golf ball to help you consistently get the ball lined up with the middle of the face.

TaylorMade Spider putters

This is the most forgiving putter in the Spider range. This is thanks to its high MOI properties which mainly comes from the large tungsten backbar across the end of the putter.

The Spider SR has a slightly smaller footprint thanks to feedback from tour players. The new double win shape is also tour-inspired. Each ‘fang’ features a weight which can be fine-tined to optimise swing weight.

TaylorMade Spider putters

Again we see the true path alignment system but this time it has been located within the cavity behind the club face.

TaylorMade Spider putters: The technology

The key new technology across the range is the true path alignment system designed to make the putters easier to aim.

Three dots are enclosed by dual rails to help you centre the ball and have a consistent address portion. This is highlighted in a reflective white to make the path and stroke stand out.

TaylorMade Spider putters

Each model features a new Pure roll insert in the face. The white TPU urethane surrounds eight silver aluminium beans to create 45° grooves for a more true feel and roll.

TaylorMade Spider putters

It is TaylorMade’s first multi-material insert made via co-moulded construction.

The range also features a new fluted feel shaft. The tip is softer to enhance feel, add stability, and tighten dispersion. This has been designed in collaboration with KBS to develop a shaft that delivers both optimal feel and performance.

TaylorMade Spider putters

Bill Price, who works on putters and wedges product creation team at TaylorMade, explained: “With existing shaft options, many players told us they couldn’t feel the full weight of the putter head or feel the toe release.

“We didn’t want to just make the shaft softer [by adding flex] to improve feel at the sacrifice of stability. That inspired us to go this journey with KBS and develop a shaft that delivers on both fronts.”

TaylorMade Spider putters: The details

Available: March 12, 2021 (EX and X HB); April 9, 2021 (Spider S and SR)

RRP: £269 (Spider X HB, S & SR), £299 (EX)

More info: TaylorMade website

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