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The ninth generation of XXIO golf clubs offer even more help for those with slower swing speeds

Premium golf brand XXIO have been the best-selling manufacturer in Japan for the last 16 years.

Ladies world number one Inbee Park plays XXIO clubs, they are owned by the same company as Srixon and Cleveland – both household names in the UK but why have so few people in the UK heard of them?

Well until now the brand, pronounced Zek-shi-o, haven’t had a major focus on the UK market.

But that is changing with the launch of their ninth generation of golf clubs which aim to give golfers greater distance through an easier, more enjoyable swing.

The Japanese market have been lapping up XXIO woods and irons that offer distance, forgiveness and an exhilarating impact sound.

The XXIO9 series features all-new technology to help increase head speed and gain more yards.

In the XXIO9 Driver, a heavy head and flexible lightweight shaft help to delay the uncoiling of the wrist-cock at the start of the downswing.


This results in a head path that stays closer to the body with a reduced rotational radius , naturally increasing arm rotation speed and swing speed.

Centrifugal force acts more powerfully on the head resulting in more head speed.

XXIO say golfers won’t have to alter anything in their swing and won’t notice anything different – other than the ball going further.

Much of the performance benefit comes from the new MP900 carbon shaft which has a balance point closer to the grip to counterbalance the heavy head.

The head’s wing Cup Face design has improved energy transfer from heel to toe with a 10 percent larger sweetspot than the previous model.

Weight has has been moved further back than the previous model for forgiveness and higher launch.

Driver details 

Lofts: 8.5Ëš, 9.5Ëš, 10.5Ëš, 11.5Ëš, 12.5Ëš
Shaft: MP900
SRP: £499.99

XXIO9 Fairway woods


The fairway woods also feature a heavier head with a higher balance point in the shaft. A low and deep centre of gravity helps to get the ball airborne more easily. New cup face design improves the performance in the lower part of the face which is the common impact point for handicap golfers.

Lofts: 15Ëš, 16.5Ëš, 18
Shaft: MP900
SRP: £399.99

XXIO9 Utility clubs


Same technology as the driver and fairway woods to delay un-coiling of the wrist-cock and increase head speed. Larger headshape and curvature towards the toe for more forgiveness and consistent strikes. The 17Ëš-25Ëš clubs feature what XXIO call a Power Wave Structure on the sole with a thinner centre and thicker sides.


Lofts: 17Ëš, 19Ëš, 21Ëš, 23Ëš, 25Ëš
Shaft: MP900
SRP: £219.99

XXIO9 Irons


Similar technology as in the woods to create extra head and ball speed.

A five-piece design with stronger, low-density material in the face and tungsten weights in the heel and toe

The titanium face has also been expanded towards the sole to improve performance on off-centre shots.

XXIO say the result is a head with the lowest CG in their history to improve launch, forgiveness and distance

Shaft: MP900 graphite, NS PRO steel
SRP: £996 (5-9 plus PW, AW, SW)

XXIO9 Ladies
Same technologies as in the men’s range but with a new elegant and simple design.

In the driver the head and sole feature soft curves with a splash of blue and pick colouring for extra style.

The new MP900L graphite shaft was developed using aircraft materials. It is super-light with a balance point even closer to the grip to help create more speed.

The irons have low CG to help get the ball in the air more easily.

Driver: £499.99
Fairway wood: £399.99
Utility clubs: £219.99
5-piece iron set (7-9, PW, SW): £830
Individual irons (5, 6, AW): £166 each

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