It’s a fair bet many of you reading this own a pair of Skechers shoes or know someone who does.

The footwear giant have scaled heady heights in their relatively short lifespan – and are now the second biggest shoe company in America.

Renowned for comfort, the firm are looking to continue to make strides in the golf market.

Colin Montgomerie, who actually bought his own pair of Skechers golf shoes, is now a brand ambassador along with Matt Kuchar and Russell Knox. Amy Boulden and Brooke Henderson are recent recruits in the women’s game.

2017 sees Skechers revamp and expand their initial GO GOLF offering and, this time, they’ve got big ambitions.

Skechers GO GOLF

Skechers GO GOLF Elite 2 review – First impressions

A very clean looking design, I must confess that from the outset I was more interested in the comfort aspect – it’s what Skechers are known for.

And boy, are these comfortable. In fact, I’d so far as to say this: I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of shoes.

That’s shoes, not golf shoes.

When you first put them on, and take those initial steps, you feel like you are walking on cushioned air.

Skechers promise out of the box comfort and, given the sturdy feel of the upper and my propensity to blister, I was initially sceptical.

But I wore these for two days solid – from getting up to going to bed, in the car, at the driving range, on the course and at home – and didn’t experience a modicum of discomfort.

Very impressive.

Skechers GO GOLF Elite 2 – The technology

This combines the upper of the GO GOLF Pro 2 with a spikeless-designed ‘comfort traction outsole’.

Skechers have unveiled or reworked a series of gizmos in this new range, including H2GO Shield Technology, a TPU bottom plate and ‘proprietary GOimpluse Sensors for multi-directional traction control’.

Their new 5GEN foam is also declared to offer ‘comfort and stability’ while bringing a new look to the collection.

There’s a lot of brand words in here, but what you can expect is a fully waterproof shoe, with a lot of lot of grip thanks to the way the sole interacts with the turf.

While it’s got a jazzy name, the 5GEN foam does make a big difference. It’s a very effective impact cushion – like a shock absorber  – and means it is extremely difficult to jar or roll your ankle in these.

Skechers GO GOLF Elite 2 – The results/NCG verdict

The Skechers GO GOLF Elite 2 is a brilliant product. It’s sold on comfort and it lives up to the billing in some fashion.

I’d forgotten I had these on much of the time and I enjoyed the extra support there appeared to be behind the ankle and heel.

Skechers GO GOLF

The upper is robust but there’s sufficient give to make the shoe a snug fit without being tight. Skechers tend to be a bit wider than some competitors and this was very evident and appreciated.

There’s plenty of traction thanks to the bottom plate and the sensors and I had as much control in the wet and damp as I would expect during a scorched summer. That’s a lot of flexibility for a spikeless shoe.

The Elite 2 is also available in black leather and blue trim, white and grey leather and blue trim, navy leather and red trim and black leather and black trim.

I liked the clean and simple look and, if comfort is important – and when you are walking 6 to 7 miles every time you take the course it absolutely should be – then Skechers really should be your first port of call.


Colours: Black/Blue, Grey/Blue, Navy/Red, White/Grey/Blue, Black.

RRP: £102

For more visit the Skechers website HERE