First impressions

The Golfstream Revo comes in a very impressive box which isn’t too big and has a (very handy) handle. Out of all the trolleys we’ve ever tested this is probably the only box that would be worth keeping.

Once out of the box it’s clear the trolley folds away to a decent size. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the lightest trolleys we’ve ever tested but it feels solid and is clearly very well made.


I like the black and orange design of the version we tested.


This is easily has one of the best folding mechanisms making assembly extremely easy. 

There’s a little catch on the main handle which simply needs needs pressing down and the trolley unfolds in a split-second.


The wheels pop on with ease and the battery, which is a nice compact size, clips on with no hassle at all. There’s a nice wide slot at the top and a generous base at the bottom which will accommodate cart bags and stand bags with no problem at all.


I have to admit it took me a while to get used to the almost ‘pistol-grip’ operating style of the Golfstream Evo. I’m more used to a trolley where you can push it with one or two hands.

But after a while, I could certainly see the merits of this. The speed adjustment dial sits in such a way that you can easily adjust it with your index finger while guiding the trolley forwards. So after you have got to grips with it, it’s fully operational with the one hand.


The trolley starts and stops by pressing the dial in which couldn’t be easier.

There’s a simple but very clear display to indicate the speed and there’s a decent range from 0-9.5 going up by .5 at a time. Some trolleys accelerate too quickly but it’s possible to achieve a nice smooth acceleration and de-celleration by having over 19 speed settings.

The display flashes to confirm you are in ‘stop’ mode which is another helpful feature.

NCG verdict


This is a top-class trolley which feels ultra-solid when out on the course. It’s very easy to assemble and operate, is well made and reliable.

It has no problems on tough terrain.

The speed settings are a real bonus and once use to the one-handed operation it gets around the course very well.


It isn’t the lightest and doesn’t fold away quite as small as some but it is by no means too big or too heavy.

This trolley won’t let you down.

SRP: £459

Features and benefits 

– British Made with British Components
– Patented one click single fold and lock
– Gun Grip Handle
– Bag held with side arms, not the central beam, no bag twist
– Non clogging front wheel
– Blue Digital Display
– Speeds from 0 – 9.5
– Distance control – 10, 20 or 30 metres
– Security code
– Left or right hand programmable operation
– Powerful 200 Watt motor
– New S5 Wheels
– Complete with purpose designed 4amp charger (lead Acid)
– Available with full range of lead acid and Lithium batteries
– Available with pneumatic wheels
– Available with Hedgehog wheels
– Width 595mm
– Length when folded 880mm
– Height when folded 330mm
– Height to the top of the handle when open 945mm

4.5 Golfstream Revo