Dustin Johnson has had a rather up and down record on tour, displaying brilliance at times, interspersed with some seriously erratic golf on other occasions.

The reason for the 6’ 4” American’s inconsistency stems from the remarkably bowed left wrist position that he gets himself into at the top of his backswing, which, as a result, puts the clubface into a very closed position.

Our man then has to rectify this at impact which is hard to do on a regular basis, especially when your average drive length is over 300 yards and the club is travelling so quickly through impact.

This unorthodox position stems from his grip, but more of this as we look in detail at the sequence of photographs.

So, when he has control over his timing of the release of his wrist angles at impact, Dustin is a hard man to beat, but, as the nursery rhyme says, when it’s bad, it’s horrid.