Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of The Slam, NCG’s look back on the golfing week – and we’ll start with Bryson DeChambeau, who won the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village and decided to treat staff at Cobra Golf to burgers and shakes from In-N-Out Burger…

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to sample In-N-Out Burger then you’ll know just how significant this is.

What a man.

The guy that wins at my club doesn’t buy anyone as much as a Greggs sausage roll.

The match we all want to see

In the least surprising news of the day/week/year, US president Donald Trump is apparently keen to settle his differences with North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un on the golf course.

The pair’s planned summit in Singapore is rumoured to be held at Sentosa Golf Club in the city.

But Donald, are you mad? Don’t you know that family’s reputation… on the golf course?

If you don’t, Kim’s dad Kim Jong-il famously has 11 holes-in-one in one round. So you better hope those golfing genes aren’t passed down.


Another day, another rules fiasco

And there was another rules fiasco in the US as a high school golfer in South Dakota was forced to concede not one but two state titles after realising she had signed for the wrong score.

Kate Wynja signed for a 4 on the 18th when in fact she’d had a 5, resulting in the gut-wrenching decision to DQ herself and – as a result – lose her title. Not only that, her score was wiped from the team competition meaning her school missed out on their title, too.

Wynja says she was heartbroken and one of the tournament directors said he had “so much respect” for Kate, and “how much integrity that took”, and how he’s “proud to have kids like that in South Dakota”.

What he should be saying is how disgusted he is that another archaic rules procedure has resulted in a punishment so unfitting of the crime.

It’s like walking out of a supermarket and realising you’ve got something in your bag you forgot to pay for, and when you go back in to pay for it being slung in jail.

Golf: Please stop shooting yourself in the foot.

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