At first glance, golf and football are completely different games. These sports require completely different equipment, set of skills and strategy. However, attentive fans can spot some dazzling similarities between these two activities. For example, both games originated in Britain, and both considered to be outdoor activities. Here are the main differences and similarities between golf and football.

History. As it was mentioned before, both these games originated in Britain. However, while the modern football emerged in South-East England (though the predecessor of football — Italian “callcio” was brought to England by Italian merchants), golf was invented by Scottish shepherds in Highlands. According to, both games received the set of rules and international recognition (as well as the first professional players) on the British Isles. 

The Ball. The fact that both games involve ball is another quite obvious similarity. Without any doubt, golf balls and balls for football differ drastically: golf ball, for example, is made of more solid material, and much smaller than the football. However, in both golf and football, the player has to strike a certain target with the ball. However, the target in football is much bigger than in golf.

Equipment. Football and golf require completely different sets of equipment. In general, the fact that football requires minimum equipment to play (basically, all you need is a ball) is one of the reasons this game is considered one of the most popular in the world. This game is also very tolerant of- weather conditions: generally, only snowfall can prevent you from playing it. At the same time, golf is considered a game for the upper class mainly because it requires a specific pitch to play and very expensive equipment. Good golf clubs can easily cost several thousand USD. Also, one cannot play golf unless specific requirements about the weather are met, such as a sunny and humid day. That is why the main championships in golf are played from April to July: 

  • April — Masters Tournament (weekend ending second Sunday in April). This tournament is usually hosted as an invitational by and at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.
  • May — PGA Championship (weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend)– hosted by the PGA of America and played at various locations in the U.S.
  • June — U.S. Open (weekend ending third Sunday in June, or Father’s Day) — hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA), played at various locations in the U.S. 

Players. Another striking difference between football and golf is the number of players involved. Football is the group sport, meaning that 11 players compete against the opposing team. On the other hand, golf in as individual sport, which implies that the players compete against each other. 

Skills. This difference between golf and football is connected to the difference listed above. Group and individual sports require a completely different set of skills. In order to achieve success, a football team requires the combination of team play, strategic and tactical thinking of the coach, and individual skills of every player separately. At the same time, golf only requires individual skills and tactical thinking from the player. Moreover, the individual skills needed for golf and football also differ drastically.  

To conclude, golf and football have differences and similarities. Without any doubt, these sports are more different than similar, but you can still enjoy both of them easily. Both games are recognized by the international sports community and have hundreds of hand worldwide.