Danny Lee did something so surreal that you wouldn't even see it at club level. Alex Perry talks you through it play-by-play

Danny Lee wasn’t having the worst day when he reached the 18th hole on the third day of the 2020 US Open. A nice chip to leave four feet for par and surely he was satisfied with a 3-over-par round of 73 at a tortuous Winged Foot.

Then something extraordinary happened.

Here’s the full breakdown of Lee’s 18th hole according to the US Open app:

Shot 1: 288 yards drive to first cut of rough
Shot 2: 156 yards approach to just short of green
Shot 3: 25-yard chip to 4′ from hole
Shot 4: 9’3″ putt to 5’7″ from hole
Shot 5: 4.2-inch putt to 5’10” from hole
Shot 6: 12’9″ putt to 6’11” from hole
Shot 7: 10’6″ putt to 3’9″ from hole
Shot 8: 11’3″ putt to 7’7″ from hole
Shot 9: Into hole for quintuple bogey

Now the footage has surfaced and it seems some of those measurements are out. After missing his par putt and then his bogey putt, he seems to lash out in a frustrated manner at the third putt, which couldn’t have been longer than two feet, then basically ping pongs his way back and forth across the hole until it eventually goes in at the sixth attempt for a quintuple bogey.

Here, watch it for yourself…

The question is: Would he have just kept going like that until it went in?

Shortly after signing for an eight-over 78, the New Zealander withdrew from the tournament, citing a wrist injury. I think I know what may have caused it…

Lee later issued an apology, describing his actions as “unprofessional” and “foolish”.

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