Hello. Welcome to Dialled In, where I have a quick confession: I hadn’t attended a major on US soil before last week’s US Open which – given I’ve a) been a golf writer since 2008, and b) spent five years at the American behemoth of sports broadcasting that is ESPN – is a frankly ridiculous blank on my CV.

Someone asked me what I expected from the US Open. The only thing I could think of was I imagined it to be like The Open on acid.

Rather perversely, other than seeing how much a US Open differs from an Open Championship, I think I was most excited to see what American golf fans are like up close – especially New York golf fans. And they didn’t disappoint.

Now, I’ve written about American golf fans before in this very column. We’ve had the fan who Justin Thomas had slung out of the Honda Classic, while Rory McIlroy revealed he regularly has his wife’s name shouted at him.

Anyway, he’s not the only one…

Honestly, actual adults.

But walking around the US Open – and believe me, I walked a lot – it quickly became apparent that these idiots are very much few and far between.

And, of course, they tend to be following the popular players, which is why we always hear them on the TV.

Yes, jeering Ian Poulter when a putt slides by the hole is moronic, but he is one of a handful of players who can handle it and gives as good as he gets – and the American fans know that.

And sure, the whooping and hollering is irritating, and I’ll never understand why any of them think their cries of “Mashed potato!” are funny, but hey, they’re enjoying themselves at a sporting event – which is what we all should be at a sporting event.

Every time I see a British golf fan complaining about Americans – and I very much include myself in this – I just want to say to them that they’ve almost certainly done worse at a football match. I know I have. (Since you ask: I once threw a sausage roll on a pitch in frustration at another terrible refereeing decision.)

I’m not saying I want to hear fans screaming “Tuna melt!” at players in Carnoustie, but we enjoy ourselves in a completely different way at The Open, don’t we?

When word spread that Tommy Fleetwood had reached 7-under on Sunday with a fourth straight birdie at 15, I scooted over and joined the group at 16.

The crowd was incredible. Every single person in the gallery was cheering him on.

A huge crowd that, like me, had cottoned on that they might just witness history, gathered as his putt for the first ever US Open 62 and just the second ever in a major – and they were genuinely devastated when the putt didn’t drop.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s give the American golf fans a break. (Well, you already knew that as it’s written in the headline.) If they break any rules or a player asks for someone to be removed for a particular reason, then fine, get rid of them.

Oh, and anyone dressed like this…

Let it go

You’ve all read enough of that Phil Mickelson incident at Shinnecock Hills to last a lifetime.

If you didn’t, we did this. And this. And this. Oh, and this. And good grief there’s another one.

So I’m not going to go too much into it. But he did this week issued something of an apology…

For the record: Yes, he should have been disqualified; No, his legacy shouldn’t be tainted by this one silly head’s-gone moment.

Let’s move on.

Oh, you have. Wonderful.

It’s coming home

Try and read this tweet without screaming “YES POULTS!” at the end.

But first, there’s a World Cup to be won

Gone fishin’

And finally, just sit back and enjoy this short clip…

That wonderful swing belongs to South Korean tour pro Ho-sung Choi, who put himself in with a chance of qualifying for The Open at last week’s Korea Open with opening rounds of 67 and 66 at Woo Jeong Hills Country Club.

Sadly, weekend scores of 71 and 74 left him in 5th place and, crucially, five shots off one of the two spots that would have seen him packing his clubs for Carnoustie.

Apparently, Choi produces this frankly ridiculous follow through, that they call the “fisherman swing” in his part of the world, when he needs to draw the ball.

Here are a couple more looks at it…


That’s enough from me. Enjoy the rest of your week.