Colin Montgomerie explains why slow play is driving people away from the game and what needs to be done to punish repeat offenders

With the European Tour beginning its stricter assault on slow play with the key revision that players will be given a one-shot penalty for two bad times in a tournament rather than a round.

This gives the referees more power to target the slowcoaches and get things moving, as the Tour’s chief referee John Paramor explained: “Changing the regulation for an immediate one-shot penalty to now be triggered by two bad times in a tournament instead of a round will force slower players to consistently ensure they play within timing regulations.

“This is part of our wider, robust policy to tackle slow play but our fundamental advice to all players remains consistent – they should be ready to play when it is their turn.”

So we sat down with Colin Montgomerie, who is one of the quickest players in the game, to get his thoughts on how the European Tour are planning to tackle the game’s biggest problem.

And in typical Monty fashion, he doesn’t hold back…

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