Hannah Holden explains all as she takes a closer look at the 2022 Chrome Soft range

Callaway have come under a lot of fire for the quality of their golf balls in recent years, so they used it to their advantage. The brand invested millions in their golf ball production centre near Boston to really refine their manufacturing processes and perfect their quality control.

Callaway’s golf ball plant now performs 400,000 X-Rays daily to ensure their products are impeccable – and it has paid off. The Chrome Soft golf ball line racked up two majors and an Olympic gold medal in 2021, so how have Callaway made them better for this season?

Callaway Chrome Soft: First Impressions

New golf balls can be hard to get excited about. After all they are still small, round, and white. But the reinvention of the Chrome Soft and how they are produced is a good enough reason to pique interest.

Callaway Chrome Soft

From Callaway’s testing they are seeing gains of five yards over the previous Chrome Soft models, so let’s see how they have managed that.

Callaway Chrome Soft: The Line-Up

Callaway Chrome Soft

This 3-piece design is the softest, most forgiving ball in the range. It has low spin on long game shots but high spin around the greens.

Callaway Chrome Soft X

A 4-piece golf ball and the most popular model on tour. Not as soft as the Chrome Soft due to having a higher compression, it also spins less due to having a firmer mantle over a softer core.

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

This is the lowest spinning ball in the line-up as it has the softest core. It has the highest compression though, making it the firmest and longest ball in this range.

Callaway Chrome Soft: The Technology

The Chrome Soft golf ball construction has been optimised for 2022. There is a new hyper-elastic soft core which delivers more distance, forgiveness, and feel on every shot. This is because the new material is stronger and softer, but also stretchier for more velocity.

Crucially it reacts differently to different strain rates. This means when you compress the ball a lot with a driver it reacts quickly, while when chipping it reacts slower and feels softer.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Precision technology allows Callaway to deliver faster ball speeds, tight dispersion, and consistent performance.

The cover has been updated with the new tour aero design, this has less drag for a more powerful ball flight.

Callaway Chrome Soft: The Details

Available: February 18

RRP: £50 per dozen

Colours: White, Triple Track White, Triple Track Yellow, Truvis White/Red, Truvis Yellow/Black (Chrome Soft); White, Triple Track White, Triple Track Yellow (Chrome Soft X); White, Triple Track White, Triple Track Yellow (Chrome Soft X LS)

More information: Callaway website

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