If you're wanting to reach those greens quicker, consider these exceptional distance irons

No matter how happy you are with it, you can never get enough distance in golf; it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

All of a sudden, the more distance you have in your locker means lowering your scores becomes far easier. It really is the answer to solving most of golf’s problems.

And that’s why you’re here: you want more distance, greater power and lower scores.

Finding the right set of distance irons can be challenging as there are so many options available, so we’ve selected our pick of the best distance irons for this season that are a must-buy for those of you wanting to reach the greens quicker.

We’ve also included links which will take you to where you can buy them from, so when we say they’re a click away, we really mean it.

Let’s get started.

The best distance irons

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

Over the past few seasons TaylorMade has led the way in the game improvement iron category, with their offerings proving to be a highly attractive choice for golfers that require their clubs to offer a little bit of help. Previously both the Sim and Sim 2 range of irons had two different heads to choose from – the standard and also the slightly larger OS, which was aimed at the higher handicap range. The release of the new Stealth iron sees a move away from this structure, as TaylorMade believe they have produced the complete game-improvement golf iron that will suit a broader cross section of abilities than ever before. 

The clubface of the TaylorMade Stealth iron has been constructed from 450 stainless steel and it has been specifically designed to expand the sweet spot to the most commonly struck areas of the face. As much as we would all like to strike each iron shot from the centre of the face, the sad reality is that it is the exception rather than rule for most golfers.  A club that can provide such fantastic performance on off centre hits can only help to improve the score on the card at the end of the round.  

If you are in the market for a new set of irons that has the potential to take your game to the next level, then the TaylorMade Stealth irons would be an excellent choice. With stellar aesthetics, unrivalled performance and exceptional feel these are one of the finest game improvement sets ever released into the golfing world. 

Key Features:

  • Cap Back Design With Toe Wrap Construction 
  • Fast & Extremely Forgiving Face 
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket Provides A Boost To low Face Strikes 
  • Echo Dampening System Removes Vibrations & Improves Feel 

Callaway Apex DCB Irons

The forged iron has always been thought of as the preserve of the low handicap golfer with the heads often small and not forgiving enough to be used by the mid to high handicapper. Callaway look set to change that with the release of the Callaway Apex DCB iron. The DCB stands for Deep Cavity Back and it is the first club of this kind that Callaway have ever produced. 

The fully forged head of the Callaway Apex DCB is a confidence inspiring midsize shape that makes it far more attractive option for the mid to high handicapper that doesn’t always find the middle of the club. The DCB also has a wide sole design that will offer some help to the golfer if the ground is struck slightly before the ball and helps to make this the most forgiving Apex iron ever created. 

Callaway are, quite rightly, very excited about the release of the Apex DCB as it breaks new ground in the forged iron market. If you are looking to purchase a new set of high performing forged irons that look as good as they feel, then the Callaway Apex DCB could well be the iron set for you. Another superb entry into our fantastic range of Callaway products. 

Key Features:

  • Callaway’s First Ever Fully Forged Oversized Head 
  • Perfect for Mid to High Handicappers Looking to Move into a Forged Iron 
  • A.I. Designed Flash Face Cup Provides Impressive Ball Speeds 
  • Tungsten Energy Core Brings a Significant Increase in Forgiveness 
  • Will Suit a Very Wide Range of Handicaps 

Ping i525 Irons

The PING i525 golf irons are the long-awaited successor to the hugely popular i500 irons, and they have arrived with significant advances in technology enhancing performance in every conceivable area. The players distance iron has become the most popular category in golf irons in a short space of time as the combination of sleek looks, workability and powerful performance has proven to be an extremely appealing option.  

As with many of PING’s recent iron releases, the i525 has been produced with stunningly minimalistic aesthetics that has elevated bag appeal to a completely new level. Behind the ball at address the i525 irons present a wonderfully crisp aesthetic, with clean, classic lines greeting the golfer’s eyes. The blade length is long without being too long and increases confidence levels, especially in the longer irons. It is a look that will be very well received by the wider golfing public.  

If you are thinking of upgrading your irons to a set in the players distance iron category this season, then you really need to put the PING i525 at the top of list to demo. They offer an enticing combination of stunning looks and class leading performance that has the potential to transform your iron game. 

Key Features:

  • New Ballistic Face Design 
  • Compact, Players-Style Design 
  • Forged, Maraging Steel Face 
  • Improved Sound & Feel 
  • Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome Finish 
  • Micromax Grooves 
  • Extreme Weighting 
  • Incredible Distance Control 
  • Explosive Ball-Speeds 

Titleist T200 Irons

The T200 is everything you’ve come to expect, and more. Powered by Max Impact for better distance across the forged face to convert near misses to nearly perfect. Designed to help better players score lower.

Striking Innovation
Whether it’s the Tour-level shaping and feel of T100, the powerfully playable distance of T200, or the maximum speed and forgiveness of T300, T-Series is a power-packed line up of performance. But all that innovation goes in for only one reason – to help Titleist players put lower numbers on the card.

Get Better, More Consistent Distance
Max Impact technology in T200 means you get maximum speed from nearly any impact point on the face. A unique polymer core developed in partnership with Titleist golf ball R&D provides precise sound and dampening qualities. This leads to more repeatable distance from shot to shot. See how much better you can play when you hit the number more often.

More Tungsten for Tighter Shot Dispersion
T200 features more tungsten than any other T-Series iron, with an average of 90g in the mid to long irons. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI.

Forged L-Face for Incredible Feel
The T200 forged face wraps around the sole to increase ball speed on the lower portion of the clubface. Paired with a progressive set design that moves the CG lower in the long irons, the result is superior ball flight.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Material Hollow Body Construction
  • D18 Tungsten Weights & Brazing Process
  • Players Look & Feel

PXG 0211 Irons

Made from 431 stainless steel and powered by PXG’s proprietary DualCOR System, The all-New PXG 0211 Irons feature a progressive set design dialed in for distance and precision. Progressive offset makes it easy to square up the iron’s face, and a progressive bounce helps the club head glide through the turf. An angled top rail positions the CG closer to the clubface’s centre, producing a high MOI, more forgiveness, and excellent consistency.

Key Features:

  • Confidence Inspiring Design
  • Exceptional Distance
  • High MOI
  • Exceptional Forgiveness
  • Unmatched Sound

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons

King Cobra Forged tech irons belong in a relatively new class of golf iron. The players distance iron. The classic muscle back head shape belies the amount of technology found inside its sleek appearance. Many good players are seeking increased distance with their irons, but balk at the thought of moving to a cavity back game improvement design. The Forged Tech Iron is the perfect solution. 

With its hollow body construction Cobra have managed to produce a players iron that has an increased sweet spot size. A tungsten toe weight has been added to allow the centre of gravity to be placed perfectly behind the hitting zone therefore maximizing ball speeds even on off centre hits. The cavity itself is filled with proprietary energizing foam micro-spheres that produce wonderful acoustics as you strike the ball.  

The King Cobra forged tech iron offers a high launching flight and incredible ball speeds, all whilst feeling extremely soft off the face. This gives the golfer an unmatched combination of playability and distance previously only available in much larger heads. 

Key Features:

  • Hollow body construction increases sweetspot size 
  • PwrShell face produces phenomenal ball speeds 
  • Foam Micro-spheres produce wonderful impact acoustics 
  • Incredibly powerful & forgiving 

Wilson Staff D9 Irons

The new Wilson Staff D9 Golf irons and a huge step forwards in the design of game improvement distance irons. Wilson used a revolutionary approach to iron design when creating the D9 irons and a generative process saw them design and test hundreds of differing D9 head shapes and Power Hole configurations in the pursuit of increased performance. The result is a high performance game improvement iron that has the potential to take your golf to the next level.

The urethane power-holes have been strategically positioned to allow for the club-face to flex at impact and leads to much improved ball speeds and a significant increase in the size of the sweet-spot. This will be music to the ears of golfers who often hit shots that have not been struck from the centre of the face, as the resultant shots will be far better than had they be struck with an average iron. The Wilson D9 golf irons feature the lowest centre of gravity on an iron that Wilson have ever created and this serves to increase the launch angle and a steep descent angle for incredible stopping power.

Aesthetically the Wilson D9 Golf Irons offer a confidence inspiring profile when placed behind the ball, without the head being so cumbersome that better players are put off from using them. A moderate amount of offset will appeal to a broad cross section of ability levels and the top-line is not overly thick. All-in-all the D9 irons are another superb offering from Wilson, and would be ideal choice for any golfer that is looking for increased performance from their irons.

Key Features:

  • Produces Superb Ball Speeds
  • Increased Launch Angles
  • Steeper Descent Angle For Improved Stopping Power
  • Classic Head Shape 
  • Confidence Inspiring Midsize Head

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