Bushnell have updated their impossibly popular Phantom GPS. Hannah Holden and Steve Carroll take a closer look

The Bushnell Phantom 2 has a lot to live up to from its immensely popular predecessor. So what’s new? I sent my colleague Steve Carroll to find out. We’ll hear from Steve later, but first…

Bushnell Phantom 2 review: First impressions

The Phantom GPS has always been about its simplicity and compactness and this new version is no different.

The Phantom 2 has a slightly bigger footprint than the original, but the nuts and bolts in terms of providing you with the critical distance information you need out on the course remain the same.

Phantom 2 review

Again, there are a number of bold colour offerings, including a cool camo print number.

Bushnell Phantom 2 review: The technology

As with the original Phantom the main screen clearly displays distances to the front, centre and back of the green to which you are playing.

This is available for 38,000 pre-loaded golf courses with auto course recognition and auto hole advance.

But the best bit is the dynamic green mapping which shows you the shape of the green, and the touchscreen element allows you to move the pin placement.

Phantom 2 review

You can also see distances to up to six hazards per hole and can track how far your shots travel.

The new bite magnetic cradle allows this to clip to your bag or belt or even onto your golf buggy.

Phantom 2 review

Another great thing about the new Phantom 2 is the free Bushnell GPS app you get with your purchase. The app provides fantastic graphics and technology to help enhance your round of golf.

On your phone you’ll see graphics of the hole as well as all the on-course measurements. A really cool added feature is the ability to see course flyovers, which is especially helpful when playing a course for the first time.

Bushnell Phantom 2 review: NCG verdict

Here’s Steve…

“I was a purchaser of the original Phantom. And I loved it. I basically wore it out. The key selling point was its size. It was tiny and that suited me.

“I was a little taken aback when unboxing the Phantom 2. To call it a big brother would be an understatement, it’s almost gangly in comparison.

“But while I was previously a proponent of size not being everything, I’ve warmed very quickly to the Phantom 2.

“If its predecessor had a potential issue, it was the magnet that helps it attach to a metal surface didn’t always feel to me the most secure of connections.

“That’s certainly not the case in this upgrade. It fills the whole of the back of the unit. No more worries that it might drop off.

Phantom 2 review

“A bigger screen has, obviously, brought with it bigger display numbers. You can now comfortably see the yardages from a decent distance away. 

“The buttons that allow you to scroll between holes, hazards, menus and settings are also larger and that has made it less fiddly in moving around the interface compared with the original Phantom.

“The mobile app has had a decent upgrade as well with improved course maps, in my opinion, and swift wireless course updates. 

“It would have taken a lot for me to switch, but the Phantom 2 has managed it. It’s now a fixture on the bag and great value at the price.”

Bushnell Phantom 2 review: The details

Available: Now

RRP: £139

Colours: Black, Neon Orange, Royal Blue, Grey Camo

More information: Bushnell website

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