Bubba Watson swing sequence

This month we are looking at the swing of Bubba Watson, the big hitter from Bagdad, Florida, who has never taken a lesson off anybody except his dad when he was a very young boy.

It is an understatement to say that Bubba does it his own way, not only is it his own style, but much of what he makes work for him would be decried by the esteemed golfing gurus as, at best, unorthodox and, at worst, plain wrong. Unorthodox? Yes. Wrong? Well, yes, probably for a huge percentage of golfers, but not for our two-time Masters champion. So let’s take a look.

Our main picture shows Bubba in typical swashbuckling mode, a position unattainable, or undesired by most, we see a big hip clearance, upper body bending over and backwards more than is orthodox, a tight, highly delayed, wrist cock, usually more associated with iron play.

Plus, we can just detect him beginning to rise up on to the balls of his feet, unusual in a top male professional, but not rare on the LPGA.