Equipment editor Hannah Holden takes a look at the Cobra clubs the mad scientist has in his bag for 2020

Many people have continued to dismiss DeChambeau and his quirky methods but he’s proving to be one of the most consistent winners on tour.

If you didn’t know already, DeChambeau uses one length clubs which basically means he has a shaft the length of a 7-iron in each of his clubs (irons and wedges) for a more consistent swing plane across the set. He also has graphite shafts in every club in his bag as well as using jumbo grips and bathing his golf balls in saline water to check they are correctly balanced. But we all do that, right?

What’s in DeChambeau’s bag?

DeChambeau has moved into the new Cobra King Speedzone driver, the club has a 9˚ head however he has the loft set down at just 7˚.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2020

DeChambeau opts to use the King LTD 3-wood and F8+ 5-wood. He then carries the King One Utility irons for his 4 and 5 then the Forged One from 6-PW.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2020

Bryson carries three Cobra King wedges which are also the one length model. He rounds out is bag with a SIK prototype putter.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2020

DeChambeau, like Tiger Woods, has signed a big money deal to play a Bridgestone golf ball.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB 2020

DriverCobra King Speedzone, (7˚, LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft)

Fairway: Cobra King LTD Black (14.5˚), Cobra King F8+ (17.5˚, LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft)

Irons: Cobra King One Utility (4&5) Forged One, (6-PW, LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft)

Wedges: Cobra King wedges, (50˚, 55˚ & 60˚ LA Golf Prototype carbon fibre shaft)

Putter: SIK tour prototype, (Ozik graphite shaft)

Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X