Bryson DeChambeau was more than confident when asked about his future on the PGA Tour

Bryson DeChambeau claims he “personally knows” the PGA Tour will reverse its indefinite ban on players who defected to LIV Golf, believing a resolution is imminent amid the ongoing conflict between the two circuits.

Never one to doubt his own confidence, DeChambeau gave an assured response when asked by Fox News whether he regrets switching to the breakaway series given the repercussions which have ensued.

“No, I’m not worried about that,” the American said. “It doesn’t make sense.

“I personally know that it will get figured out, whether it’s legally or whether they come to the table and work out terms. I definitely think it will wash itself out in the future, pretty shortly.”

If DeChambeau’s confidence over the ban’s reversal wasn’t clear enough, the so-called ‘Mad Scientist’ then provided a bizarre analogy expressing his assurance even further.

“You have a pizza shop that’s been in existence for 50 years and all the customers go to it and it’s a great product,” he said. “All of a sudden a new pizza shop opens up and they start paying the customers to come eat at their place, and that pizza is potentially a little bit better of a pizza.

“And then, all of a sudden, that original pizza house goes, ‘If you go over there, we’re banning you from ever coming back to our pizza shop.’ What’s wrong with that economic model?”

Well, if indeed DeChambeau’s forecast does come to fruition, the American may have to deal with a PGA Tour boycott, as Davis Love III has warned that players could strike if legal proceedings go in favour of the LIV rebels.

Watch this space.

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