The new-and-improved Bryson DeChambeau continues to turn heads with his impressive displays – as this latest clip shows

The newly-buffed Bryson DeChambeau put on an impressive display at Colonial, where he averaged 344 yards off the tee with a 190mph ball speed.

Predictably, it’s reopened the debate about the golf ball going too far. (Did it ever really close?)

Courses will be made obsolete, scream people that think us handicappers are going to start driving 300-yard par 4s. (Please don’t phone the office to shout at me – yes, that happens – I’m being facetious.)

In the professional game, Colin Montgomerie believes the new-and-improved DeChambeau is reducing the game to “brute force and sand wedges” and it’s time for bifurcation, while Nick Faldo has a simpler solution that doesn’t involve the golf ball.

But in all this chatter, no one’s been thinking about the driving ranges!

In an incredible clip from renowned golf coach Jonathan Yarwood ahead of this week’s RBC Heritage, DeChambeau has had to move at least 10 yards back to work on his driver…

DeChambeau is gaining attention from his peers, too. When asked about it in his press conference at Harbour Town, Rory McIlroy said he and caddie Harry Diamond couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The World No 1 joked: “He hit a couple drives on Sunday that Harry and I just looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Holy s***, that was unbelievable!'”

So would McIlroy be tempted into trying something similar?

“No,” he added. “I actually feel my best when I’m lighter. I feel more supple. I feel like I get a little more speed. I don’t feel great when I gain weight.

“I remember weighing myself at Torrey on the Sunday morning before going out to the final round, and I was like 155. I think that’s half of Bryson now.”

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