DeChambeau 2.0 took time out of his Abu Dhabi preparations to give his verdict on his younger, slimmer self. Here's what he had to say

It’s not often you see a tour pro analyse their own golf swing. But then again, it’s not often a character like Bryson Dechambeau comes along. The flamboyant American certainly doesn’t do things the conventional way.

Taking a break from playing his favourite online game – which has been the talk of social media – the 26-year-old was asked to analyse the driver swing of a skinny fellow from back in 2016, and he duly obliged.

There’s not a whole lot different in the set-up, although his stance is wider now – at least, I hope that’s what he meant – though I’m not sure it could’ve been much narrower than it was before.

From there, he’s changed what he does with his forearms going back so you’re going to see a different topline position. I can only assume he’s talking about the position at the top of his backswing.

And at impact, DeChambeau references his desire to emulate Hogan, stating: “I did pretty well [in 2016] but I’m doing a little bit better now.”

So things don’t appear to be too dissimilar mechanically with the man himself admitting he still likes his 2016 swing, but believes he’s now on a more consistent path. I guess time will tell.

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