Brooks Koepka was not happy when asked about whether or not he'd be joining Greg Norman's breakaway tour. But then he kind of gave it away anyway

Some of the stars that defected to LIV were open about it. Some stayed quiet until the field was announced. Some declared their loyalty to the PGA Tour before pulling a full one-eighty. Brooks Koepka, as he so often does, is doing things his own way.

First, he got annoyed at the question…

“I haven’t given it that much thought. I don’t understand. I’m trying to focus on the US Open, man. I legitimately don’t get it. I’m tired of the conversations, I’m tired of all this stuff.

“Y’all are throwing a black cloud over the US Open. I think that sucks. I actually do feel bad for [the USGA] for once because it’s a sh*t situation. We’re here to play, and you are talking about an event that happened last week.

“I’m here at the US Open, I’m ready to play the US Open, it’s one of my favourite events and I don’t know why you guys keep doing that. You give it more legs the more you talk about it.”

Then, when asked about brother Chase joining Greg Norman’s crusade, he got a tad sentimental…

“I love my brother. I support him in anything he does. That’s family, I’ll always love and support him, so whatever he does, I’m cheering for him.”

Then he decided he did perhaps just want to give us a little teaser…

“There’s been no other option to this point. Where else are you going to go?”

Uh, LIV?

“Of last week! That’s it. And I wasn’t playing last week, so…”

A masterclass in how to tell us you’re joining LIV without telling us you’re joining LIV, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Now compare this to how Jon Rahm spoke about the matter

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