Our Big Max Blade Quattro review took place on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds and, with trolley reviews, we often find a substantial part takes place getting it in and out of the car.

We saw this trolley for the first time at the 2017 PGA Show in Orlando and were very keen to get our hands on it when back in the UK…

Big Max Blade Quattro review – First impressions

Big Max are market leaders when it comes to push trolleys. Their products are very popular right across Europe and it’s not hard to see why.

What struck me immediately with the Blade Quattro was it seemed they had taken some of the best bits about some of their previous trolleys and rolled it all into one.

It has the unique and innovative folding mechanism from the Autofold, folds away really small like the previous Blade trolleys and has added stability from having four wheels.

From taking this trolley out of the box, we had it assembled and ready to go in a few minutes.

Once you’ve popped the wheels on it pretty much assembles itself.

The only thing that took a bit of time was getting the angle of the handle just right.

It takes up a lot less room than a standard electric trolley and weighs a lot less.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

We were pretty much sold before we’d even taken it out of the office.

Big Max Blade Quattro review – The results

We tested this trolley out with one of the fantastic Big Max Aqua cart-bags.

There is a slot at the bottom of the bag which the frame slots into nicely.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

When you attach both straps, the bag is really nice and secure.

Non-Big Max bags won’t feel quite at secure and stand-bags don’t sit on too well.

That’s more of a general observation about all trolleys. We’re still waiting for one that holds a stand-bag in a satisfactory way.

Out on the course this trolley works like a dream.

It’s super-light, sturdy and runs really smoothly across the ground.

Having four wheels just gives it that extra stability and gives you the confidence to push it out in front of you and let it roll without the fear of it toppling over.

Another real bonus here is the parking brake.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

It baffles us that more trolleys don’t have a brake with many forcing you to park them sideways when on a bit of a hill to stop them rolling away.

If you play on a hilly course, like Moor Allerton, the brake is absolutely essential.

Big Max Blade Quattro review – NCG Verdict

This is hands-down the best push trolley we have ever tested.

Its performance on the course is superb but the way it folds away so quickly, easily and into a compact size gives it the edge over its competition.

It can be put behind your seat, on the parcel shelf, on the back seat or on the top of your bag in the boot with no trouble at all.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

If you’re a golfer that shies away from using a trolley because you feel like they are too much hassle – the Blade Quattro could make you think again.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the storage compartment on the handle.

It just doesn’t feel as premium as the rest of the trolley and doesn’t seem necessary to me.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

There’s enough pockets on your golf bag for balls, valuables and other accessories so I would have preferred a cleaner and simpler look around the handle.

Big Max Blade Quattro review

Some might argue that if you’re going to pay £250 for a trolley you might as well spend the bit extra for an electric model.

But I’d say this trolley is worth every penny for what it does and on the two rounds I played with it I never felt like I was struggling for it not being electric.

It’ll impress your playing partners when you’re setting it up and packing it away and it won’t let you down on the course.

More information on the Big Max Blade Quattro, which has an SRP of £249, can be found on the Big Max website.

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