What are our favourite spikeless golf shoes new on the market this year? We run down the best new models from FootJoy, Ecco, Adidas, and more

It’s that time of year again when the fairways are firming up and we start to look for something different than the spiked shoe we’ve trundled round the course in over winter. I rounded up my NCG colleagues Alex Perry, Harvey Jamison and Joe Hughes for our best spikeless golf shoes 2019 review, starting with a trio from FootJoy…

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy Pro/SL

best spikeless golf shoes 2019

There is a reason FootJoy are the market leaders when it comes to golf shoes. And there is a reason it seems half the guys on tour are wearing the Pro/SL.

You know what you get with FootJoy, whether you’re hitting a few balls on the range or playing 36 holes in a day, you know you can wear these from dusk until dawn with no problems.

When it comes to the technology in the shoe, FootJoy have thought of everything from Laser Plus Tech (which provides supreme comfort) and a three-layered outsole (which provides supreme performance). Who doesn’t want that in a golf shoe?

FootJoy are starting to really get it right in terms of the more athletic-looking shoes. AP

SRP: £150/£170 (BOA)

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy Flex

best spikeless golf shoes 2019

When I slip on a golf shoes I’m looking for comfort first and traction second.

The Flex are a perfect blend of both.

Two months on I’ve put them through every condition you can think of that isn’t snow and they have stood the test of the elements.

I am pleasantly surprised by the stability of the Flex, something you don’t often get in a spikeless shoe.

One neat feature I really find tasteful and practical is the performance mesh material, which makes the shoes breathable and lightweight – essential for me given the amount of time I spend on the course – as well as giving an athletic look which I’m particularly keen on, while the underfoot cushioning on the sole also gets my nod of approval. HJ

SRP: £80

More information can be found on the FootJoy website.

Best spikeless golf shoes 2019: FootJoy SuperLites XP

best spikeless golf shoes 2019

This is a seriously lightweight shoe, with the foam upper being exceptionally soft and providing excellent comfort.

These are really comfortable if you are walking a lot of holes in the summer and also provide good traction with the spikeless sole. The shoes don’t feel to have as secure fit as some of the other FootJoy spikeless shoes, but still provided great stability out on the golf course. This shoe is fully waterproof. This is an excellent option for a summer shoe that still keep your feet dry during the unpredictable UK weather conditions. HH

SRP: £80

More information can be found on the FootJoy website.

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