Which are the best putters 2018?

This is a very difficult question to answer because what works for me might not work for you.

There is no way that we could say one putter is better than another.

But we can pick out a few of our favourites and give a run down of what’s available.

Every brand has dozens of different models with different head-shapes, colours, hosels, weighting, lengths and alignment aids.

Best putters 2018

Before selecting your putter for 2018, have a think about two things – does it help you aim and does it help you control speed?

Work closely with a fitter or a PGA pro to find a putter that helps you do those two things.

Try and find a putter that matches your stroke rather manipulating your stroke to a putter you like the look of.

Yes, looks are important. If you like the look of something then the chances are you’ll putt better with it.

But think about how that putter is going to help you get the ball in the hole, or at least closer to the hole to eliminate those three-putts.

In my opinion (and from painful experience) holing a few more putts is the quickest and easiest way to knock a few shots off your scores.

Anyway, here’s a look at what’s available…

Best putters 2018: Odyssey

Odyssey are the number one putter brand on tour and have some of the best-loved headshapes and alignment technologies in the game.

Odyssey do a really good job of  integrating their latest face technology into all their popular shapes.

If you’ve always been a 2-Ball or a #7 player, you can update with the latest innovations and finishes.

So what’s new from Odyssey in 2018? Well now you can get your favourite putter in a black or red finish.

Best putters 2018

Yes, much of this is down to the success of the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter. Why wouldn’t the number one putter brand offer their models in a colour clearly in demand?

There’s now an all-new, 12-model O-Works Black line as well as adding six new models to its existing Red putter range.

They all feature Microhinge Face Insert Technology, which produces more topspin to get the ball into a better roll quicker, reducing skid.

Best putters 2018

The full range of O-Works Black putters includes: #1, #7, #1 Wide S, #7 Tank, #1 Tank, 2-Ball Fang, #2M CS, 330M, #2W, Jailbird Mini, #3T, Black Marxman.

Best putters 2018

Added to O-Works Red for 2018 are: #1 Wide S, #1 Tank, 2-Ball Fang, Jailbird Mini, #7 Tank, Marxman.

Already in the O-Works Red range (launched July 2017): 2-Ball, #7, R-Line, V-Line Fang, #7S.

SRPs: £189

They have also introduced the EXO range which is a mix of the red and the black but comes in at more of a premium price point.

The EXO putters have a White Hot microhinge insert which will feel a bit more solid than the insert in the other O-Works models.

Odyssey EXO putters

Available in versions of the classic Number 7 and Rossie headshapes along with an Indy model which takes inspiration from the Toulon range.

Odyssey say each head is precision-milled, with a weight-saving aluminium red section contrasting with an elegant, milled black stainless steel body.

SRPs: £349

More information can be found on the Odyssey website.