The best of the best! We roundup the best golf lasers in 2023

With so many different lasers on the market, it’s hard to know which are actually worth trying.

Our testers have spent many rounds trying many different lasers from a range of different brands through their paces. We have narrowed down which we think are the easier to work, the most accurate, and overall, the best value-for-money rangefinders in 2023.

Best Golf Lasers 2023

GolfBuddy Aim Quantum

5 star review
GolfBuddy aim quantum rangefinder review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

GolfBuddy know how to make a compact rangefinder, don’t they? The aim Quantum is one of the premium lines in the company’s collection but what immediately hits you on unboxing is just how tiny it is.

Point and press. It really is that simple. A neon light on the side of the laser displays a deep red and it vibrates satisfyingly when it picks up the target.

GolfBuddy reckon the measurement speed is 0.15 seconds thanks to ZST technology. I can’t promise you that I’ve timed the reaction but I can tell you it’s super speedy indeed.

I’ve doubled checked the numbers in testing at York Golf Club with the Atom and a GPS device and the numbers are spot on. That’s really all you want but with the aim Quantum there is more.

Three different modes aid range-finding: Standard – the distance to the target, Scan – the distance to various targets, and Pin – the distance of the nearest target between two.

GolfBuddy say you’ll get up to 5,000 measurements out of one charge, but they’ve even made that simple too. Gone are the days of fiddling around trying to find a battery. Plug it in through USB – like you probably do with most of your electronic gadgets – and wait for time to take its course.


  • Large display and healthy jolt make it clear when you’ve successfully locked on to your target.
  • Standard, Pin, and Scan modes excel in helping you identify different targets.
  • Sliding slope button makes it very easy to know whether you’re playing to the Rules of Golf.
  • The carry case is of very high quality indeed.


  • Nothing of which to speak.

More info: GOLFBUDDY website

Bushnell Tour V6 laser

4 star review

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

I currently use a Bushnell Tour V4 slope edition which I’ve had for roughly four years. The first thing I noticed about the V6 was how much heavier it seemed compared to mine. I actually weighed them both out just to check and the V6 is 69 grams heavier. The quality of the V6 is excellent and feels like it’s made of better quality materials than the plastic bodies V4, which is where I think the added weight has come from. Both devices hold the same CR2 battery and the V6 actually came with a new Duracell battery, which was very handy. Through the lens, you can also see how much power is left in the battery so it doesn’t unexpectedly run out on you mid-round.

The Tour V6 only has two buttons, both on the top. The orange button is what you press to lock in and laser a target and the other allows you to change between yards and metres.

I really liked how the V6 sat in my hand. There is a textured, rubber area where your thumb sits that helps with grip. That area is molded so your hand sits nicely when holding the laser. This is great as it allows for a more stable hand when trying to lock in flags.

The V6 has improved pin seeking accuracy. Just like previous models, there is vibration feedback when you lock in a flag. The V6 offers additional feedback as the outer circle of the lens flashes red. At first, this scared me as I wasn’t expecting it but once I got used to it, it was just like it always happened. I found all of the numbers to be very similar to my current Bushnell as well as the Bushnell Phantom 2 Slope that I was also testing at the time.


  • Excellent quality
  • Added confidence with pinseeker technology
  • Sleek design and feel
  • Secure case


  • Heavier than previous models
  • Expensive


More information: Bushnell Golf

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder

4.5 star review
GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom rangefinder review

Reviewed by Steve Carroll

Remember those Nokia phones that were just tiny? Prepare for a hefty feeling of deja vu when you first unbox the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder.

It’s the same size as a credit card (exact measurements are 3.3 x 2.24 x 1.12 inches) and fits in your pocket with some room to spare. You operate it essentially through two buttons on the top – mode and on/off measure – but despite the overall size of the device, they are large enough to cater for most fingers.

A compact rangefinder needs a compact case too, and the one included in the box is magnetic, leather, and high quality. A USB-C charger provides an effective, and quick, power-up and GolfBuddy say you’ll get 5,000 uses before you’ll need to plug it in again.

In testing at York Golf Club, this laser was so efficient it was buzzing in delight almost immediately after I’d pressed the button. It is super quick, and accurate too. I compared it against another DMD and a GPS device and they were all within one yard. Given the speed at which the Atom finds the target, it’s really very impressive.

Whether it’s the luxurious ivory leather magnetic case included, the bright 6x magnification viewfinder, the accurate measurement with vibration, or the IPX4 water resistant casing, everything about the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder screams high quality.


  • Extremely fast, but accurate, measurement speeds.
  • Simplicity of clear display, and clear numbering, makes getting yardages is very easy.
  • Compact size a huge plus if space is an issue.
  • You’ll use scan mode more than you’ll realise. A real bonus off the tee.


  • Slope is engaged in the set-up and you’ll need the manual to turn it off. Be careful you don’t get disqualified in a competition.
  • Focus toggle is on the stiff side.

More info: GOLFBUDDY website

Gogogo Sport Vpro GS24 Slope Scan Rangefinder

5 star review

Reviewed by Nicola Slater

Gogogo Sport claims it has taken them nine years to perfect their products, and you can really see why.

For such a low-cost laser, it certainly has a very nice look and feel. The body has been shaped, so it fits easily in your hand and it has a soft outer rubber casing.

Speaking of the casing, it comes with a hard-shell case for protection. This case can be clipped onto your bag too.

For a relatively low-cost range finder, it’s certainly well-stocked on tech. The Vpro GS24 has three different modes, which can be altered by using the mode button on the top of the laser.

The first mode is the most basic, offering distance measurement only.

Mode two unlocks many more features. The first being pin seeking technology, where once the laser has located a flag, it will vibrate to notify you. Alongside this, the scan mode means the Vpro GS24 always provides the shortest number that it has scanned. This is a great feature for those whose hands may not be the steadiest and are prone to picking up trees behind the green.

When in slope mode, the original distance is shown at the top of the lens with the distance including the slope below it and the degree of slope. Whilst this feature is great, it is important to note that this has to be be turned off for the laser to be tournament legal.


  • Consistent, accurate distances
  • Slope distances auto calculated
  • Uses AAA batteries


  • Limited range on flag locking technology

More information: Gogogo Sport

GolfBuddy Laser 2S Rangefinder

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

Out of the box, the Laser 2S looked pretty small compared to my current rangefinder. However it was only about 1.5cm shorter front to back and the other dimensions were the same. The weight of 209 gms is also the same as my older model. The Laser 2S has a smart black/white and red colour style. It is very comfortable to hold. There’s a ‘quick grab’ magnet on the right side of the device to attach to a buggy, trolley or any other metal object (I’d advise against a clubhead). There are two buttons on the top. One is an on/off button. The second accesses the ‘scan’ mode and enables the ‘slope’ function to be toggled on and off as required.

The screen is clear, bold and bright. I felt that the 6x magnification certainly helped. It’s easy to switch off the slope function which I tended to do. It almost feels like cheating. I was initially unconvinced about the scan function. This enables you to measure the distance of a number of targets. So if, for instance, you’re playing a dogleg you can scan the far side to get an idea of where to aim.

Laser rangefinders are , or certainly should be, straightforward to use. The GolfBuddy Laser 2S was certainly easy to use. It provided quick, accurate and clear information. The additional features all worked seamlessly and well. This really is a neat package and will be replacing my 10 year old laser from now on.


  • Accurate measurements.
  • Clear display with 6x magnification.
  • Useful slope and scan features.
  • It’s magnetic.


  • Nothing.

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More info: GolfBuddy website

Shot Scope Pro L2 Laser

4 star review
Shot Scope Pro L2 laser review

Reviewed by Tom Bullough

My first impressions of the Pro L2 were positive. I like the simple design and it couldn’t be any easier to set up. It comes with a Smart Case that can be clipped onto your bag with ease or a handy feature of a strong magnet that could be attached to the cart you’re playing on. It felt comfortable to hold and even in the wet conditions the grip was great thanks to the enhanced anti-slip rubber grip. 

Like most lasers in the market, the Pro L2 comes equipped with adaptive slope technology, target lock vibration and a range of up to 700 yards. I found it particularly easy scoping out and getting fast accurate yardages on a range of different situations. This is thanks to the rapid fire detection and target lock vibration which gave me good assurance on the yardage for my intended target.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Shotscope Pro L2. It has a nice simple design and is nice and simple to store on your cart or attach to your bag. It is fantastic value for money and is ideal for those wanting to not break the bank to add to their golfing armoury. 


  • Perfect entry level laser
  • Small & compact
  • Easy to store, magnet and clip


  • None


More info: Shot Scope Website

Blue Tees Series 3 Max laser rangefinder

5 star review

Finally an interesting looking laser with a different design and colourway options! I love the classic retro design Blue Tees have used in their previous models and continued into this model. The model I tested had the navy and white colourway.

The other colourway options include a classic black or a more fun light pink. The case the Blue Tees Series 3 Max laser comes in is very sturdy with a strong zip with waterproofing as well as a built in magnetic strip strap for extra security and a clip to attach to your bag.

This laser was easy to use and picked up the target very easily with flag lock and then a vibration when the target was picked up. Unlike some other lasers I have used, the Series 3 Max had a ring around the display cross to help pick up the target with a little more ease and accuracy.

I got a number very quickly thanks to the 7x magnification and I wasn’t struggling to match the flag with the laser point. Turning the slope setting on was very easy with one simple slope switch on the side of the device.

The distances received were accurate consistently. Sometimes lasers with slope settings can be a little less accurate but what I liked about the Blue Tees Series 3 Max was that it gave you the slope percentage and the new distance already calculated for you.


  • Consistent accurate distances
  • Exceptionally easy to pick up distances
  • Slope distances auto calculated


  • Body of laser not as sturdy as some

More info:Blue Tees Website

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Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf. Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton and Woodsome Hall Golf clubs, she currently plays off +3. She plays for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level.

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