Do you agree with Jean-Marie Bidal's choices? No pressure – he only designed them all

If we wanted to find out which are the best FootJoy shoes ever, who is better to ask than the guy designing them? Jean-Marie Bidal, advanced senior footwear designer, talks us through his personal all-time favourite FootJoy shoe models…

9. FootJoy DryJoys Tour

best FootJoy shoes

“Stylish yet traditional, DryJoys Tour celebrates heritage and champions the roots of the game, but in the form of cutting edge technology.”

8. FootJoy Pro SL (2020)

best FootJoy shoes

“It was so popular on tour that pros asked us not to change it, but we tweaked it and enhanced it – and it’s great to be able to surprise the players with even better performance. The technology in the shoe is incredible too, yet the shoe looks very clean and provides the ultimate comfort . You’ll never look back.”

7. FootJoy Contour

best FootJoy shoes

“These often go under the radar, but Contour is known for three things – comfort, supersoft leather uppers, and a great fit. Often subtle designs, possibly understated but produces an effortless suave and stylish vibe. Will soon be celebrating its 20th birthday.”

6. FootJoy‘s major championship limited edition shoes

best FootJoy shoes

“As a designer it is always exciting to get creative and these limited editions are so fun to work on. Often the rules are there are no rules! These designs always generate a lot of noise and excitement when they are released, so when we do work on them it’s always rewarding.”

5. FootJoy Flex

best FootJoy shoes

“It has a great story going from sketch to shelf in just 10 months (normally 18) which sums up the high energy, athletic design beautifully. I love the on-off course versatility of FJ Flex, it really blurs the lines between golf shoe, casual and sports footwear seamlessly.”

4. FootJoy DNA

best FootJoy shoes

“It was a game changer – sleek, fast, luxurious and bathed in performance. One of the most momentous launches for the brand in recent history, with more than a million pairs sold worldwide.”

3. FootJoy Flex Le 2 – Spring Wing

best FootJoy shoes

“A modern interpretation of a classic upper pattern, on an athletic performance outsole. On paper it shouldn’t work but in reality it is a thing of beauty.”

2. FootJoy Classics Shield Tip

best FootJoy shoes

“A pure classic. It’s a timeless piece of art and craftsmanship, encapsulates the heritage of FJ and has been worn by almost every great player the game has ever seen. Most recently I am thinking about the all white FJ 1857 shield tip that Adam Scott was wearing.”

1. FootJoy Tour X

best FootJoy shoes

“These are my all-time favourites. Tour X is packed with so much innovation and the latest technologies – the performance is next level. This innovation-powered stability shoe was born from the synthesis of three tour-proven models, brought together to deliver the ultimate ‘X’ factor.”

Do you agree with Jean-Marie or would another shoe have topped your list? Let us know what you think are the best FootJoy shoes in the comments below.

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