When thinking about the best Callaway golf clubs of 2017 we need to go right back to the start of the year.

Some people raised an eyebrow at the name ‘Epic’ but after hitting both the new GBB Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers, people began to realise that it was more than just hype.

The Epic driver went on to be a prenominal success story – particularly in Europe – where it dominated the market in some countries.

It accounted for around 50 percent of all driver sales in Germany during the first three quarters of 2017.

But it wasn’t just the Epic brand which contributed to the strong 2017 for Callaway Golf. There were some other tasty releases too.

1. Best Callaway golf clubs 2017: GBB Epic Sub Zero driver

Callaway golf clubs

Where else could we start? Both GBB Epic drivers were fantastic. The new ‘jailbreak’ technology which allowed the face to take more load did result in extra ball speed.

We effectively carried out robot testing with our anonymous big hitter at the start of the year and both Epic drivers were a couple of miles an hour faster than the rest.

But the Sub Zero model stood out for us because it was so playable and forgiving.

We’d normally associate a lower-spinning driver to be aimed at elite players but the Sub Zero seemed to work really well for a broad range of handicaps.

With a good custom-fitting, it may have been possible to get a bit more out of the regular Epic thanks to its adjustable sliding weight.

But if you were to pick up a driver off the shelf, we think the GBB Sub Zero had a great chance of outperforming the competition.

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2. Best Callaway golf clubs 2017: GBB Epic Fairway wood

Callaway golf clubs

The regular Epic 3 wood was a bit more user-friendly than the Sub Zero model.

When you’re hitting fairway woods off the deck you need to be able to launch them and you need some spin to keep the ball in the air.

Low-spinning fairway woods are not for the average handicap club golfer which is why we’ll leave the Sub Zero 3 wood for the world’s best.

This was a great option off the tee and the fairway. The numbers were as good as anything else we tested and it had heaps of shelf appeal.

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3. Best Callaway golf clubs 2017: Big Bertha OS hybrid

Callaway golf clubs

A club that found it’s way into my bag fairly quickly following some initial testing.

Ridiculously easy to use and super hot off the face. Not one for shot-shaping and finesse, just a solid all-round option which can work off the tee on a short par 4 or long par 3.

It’s very versatile from the rough or the fairway which was surprising as it has a slightly larger profile than most hybrids

But most of all it was just the way the ball flies off the face and goes miles!

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4. Best Callaway golf clubs 2017: Steelhead XR irons

Callaway golf clubs

One of the best ‘game-improvement’ irons we tested last year. This could do a really good job for any mid-high handicapper.

They are large and forgiving without being ridiculously chunky and unsightly.

The grey finish gave them a cool, stealthy look for some added shelf appeal.

A really big seller for Callaway in 2017 in both Europe and the US.

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5. Best Callaway golf clubs 2017: X Forged 2018 irons

Callaway golf clubs

Look out for these on tour in 2018 as we expect loads of players to be making the switch from the 2013 model.

But don’t be fooled into thinking these are only for elite players. They are surprisingly playable for mid-handicappers.

And you’ll get that superb forged feel which is what we all crave from a crisply struck iron shot.

Not as jaw-droppingly gorgeous at the new Apex MB but they are much easier to hit and are not exactly ugly.

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More information on the above products can be found on the Callaway website.