And the Oscar for best Angry Club Golfer goes to...

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The Angry Club Golfer would prefer a golden putter to a golden statue. But if he had to win an Oscar, what would it be for?

The Angry Club Golfer doesn’t really watch TV. He doesn’t really do anything – except play golf.

But he grudgingly makes an exception for the Oscars, mainly so he can chirp at all the nominations.

That got him thinking about his own ‘great’ performances…

So which clip gets your vote? Or are they all only deserving of rotten tomatoes and raspberries? Leaves your comments below.

You can also watch the full Angry Club Golfer archive right here

About Angry Club Golfer

Our club golfer plays more golf than anyone on the planet (stats unconfirmed) – which means there is plenty for him to get wound up about.

As we’re very nice here at National Club Golfer, we thought we would give him a platform on which to get it all off his chest.

You can follow Angry Club Golfer on Twitter. Let him know what makes you angry on the golf course!

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