Are you someone who likes their golf outfit to be matching? Or “on point” as Andy Sullivan calls it.

The FootJoy ambassador is always on point – just watch him at any tournament.

But where does Sullivan stand on the spike vs. spikeless golf shoe debate?

Does he design his own shoes, or do FJ send them to him? Has he ever designed a pair he had second thoughts about?

And what does he have planned for next year’s major championships? Maybe something green for Augusta…

The three-time European Tour champion chatted to NCG’s Alex Perry at The Grove to answer all the important questions about his choice of footwear and more…

What are your feelings on the spike vs. spikeless debate? Let us know in the comments below, or you can join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Would you like to design your very own MyJoys shoes? Head over to the website and start getting creative.

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